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Adds terraforming functionality, now in Below Zero.

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This mod adds terraforming functionality to the Below Zero, like the corresponding mod for original Subnautica.

  • Saves/loads modified terrain to/from saves. Saves only those terrain areas which was modified, reducing save size bloating, into new "CompiledOctreesCache" folder in your save folders.
  • Allows "partially" burying habitat modules into terrain. Mod automatically modifies terrain around them after finishing construction so habitat modules does not "overlap" with the terrain. Also destroys overlapping obstacles (rocks, stones, structures, etc.) in a way unless configured otherwise.
  • "Obsolute" terraformer tool from original Subnautica (obtainable using console commands only, i.e. "item terraformer") now working, which removes/adds portions of terrain. Uses material on adding terrain from lastly removed terrain.
  • "Obsolute" repulsion cannon (obtainable using console commands only, i.e. "item repulsioncannon") can remove small portions of terrain when "shooting" pulses at those spots in terrain.
  • "dig #" console command also now actually works which allows to perform spherical removal of terrain at player location as a sphere center within provided radius as a first parameter of command, ex. "dig 5".

N.B. Please be noticed, that as how world streaming works in Below Zero like in original Subnautica, terrain modification is not immediate. That's because after terrain modification it needs to rebuild meshes from save files first to render them in the game, which is CPU intensive task, causing the game to "freeze" otherwise. To prevent that freezing it uses new terrain streamers to allow rebuild in their worker threads instead, which does not impact main thread where game "renders". For convenience mod shows message which indicates, that meshes rebuilding is in progress and it hides once new terrain meshes is finally visible in the game. There is still some other potential freezing could occur but that's usually noticeable when doing large terrain edits.

  1. Install QModsManager.
  2. Put mod contents into "QMods" folder of game directory.

There is new section added in "Mods" tab of in-game options which allows to change the following:
  • Rebuilding messages - shows terrain rebuilding message while terrain rebuilding is in progress. Enabled by default..
  • Habitant modules burying - allows habitat burying into terrain and adjusts overlapping terrain around them. Enabled by default..
  • Space between terrain and module - allows to adjust space between terrain surface and base compartment. High value means more space, low value means less space. Defaults to 1.0.
  • Propulsion repulsion cannon terrain impact - causes the repulsion cannon to remove small portion of terrain after "shooting" pulse at that spot of terrain. Enabled by default.
  • Destroy obstacles on construction - disables restrictions of overlapping larger objects (rocks, stones, structures) when placing modules for construction and highlights them in red. Destroys them when construction of module finishes, so careful with this setting on. Enabled by default.


Remove this mod folder in QMods folder. Optionally delete "CompiledOctreesCache" folder in your save folders if they are created.

Known issues:
  1. Terraforming is not immediate. (see first notice above)
  2. Game freezes while doing large terrain edit at a time with terraformer tool or "dig #" console command.
  3. That normal for a pre-build phase for save files which unfortunately does not have multithreading implemented by game devs from original Subnautica (because obvious reasons). Try to do small terrain edits to minimize freezing.
  4. Sometimes after terrain modifications it leaves "invisible" ground/wall, preventing further edits.
  5. That happens when new terrain edits is issued while meshes building of previous terrain edits is in progress (should be rebuilding message visible). That was already prevented in repulsion cannon and terraformer but not "dig #" command. While meshes rebuilding is in progress terrain edits caused by repulsion cannon is being discarded and terraformer functionality is blocked until meshes rebuilding is finished (rebuilding message is not visible anymore). Try to save/reload a game.

Questions? Problems?
See "Posts" section of this mod page to see if there is already answers. For problems/issues not stated there please ask in official Subnautica Modding discord server (see QModManager mod page for invite link).

Please be noticed that creating too much details in terrain could cost more performance as there comes more detailed data to render, like with too many habitats/modules. That includes digging caves or otherwise making new details.

There is a possibility I could missed something so I advise to create a backup from existing save before saving a game with this mod installed and enabled. Please let me know if any issue happens.

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