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Uses teleportation to randomise the Subnautica map!

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Transition Randomiser

On the same line as entrance randomisers in other games this mod randomises the transitions from biome to biome

Go from one biome to another, get teleported to a different biome on the boundary of another!

It can get quite confusing! so we've added some databank entries with maps to help you keep track! (these unlock as you explore)

The boundaries are randomised initially, but not after that! so you can learn the new map layout

  • Install Qmodmanager
  • Download the file in files
  • extract in your qmod folder


  • Press u to undo the last teleport if you get soft locked in a room
  • o2 doesn't go down during the countdown & during a teleport- you can't move after a teleport until the world is fully loaded in
  • sometimes when going in / out of alien bases, before you fully teleport, your swimming state is messed up. that's NOT a bug
  •  if you ever end up in a biome that is NOT the one in the bottom right of the screen, the mod doesn't work properly. you can always save & quit and the mod will work again
  • you will never get teleported to the void


  • Currently cyclops teleport is not possible
  • Going into the void and then going to a biome that does not have a connection to the last biome you were in will break the mod. you must save and reload

Please raise any others you spot in the discussion thread