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A more detailed biomes map for the Map Mod. Now with a bold new color scheme and layout.

Permissions and credits
Here's a reference I use practically every five minutes for organizing my swims into the depths. Its a simple add-on to newman55's Map Mod. The overlays are of my own design now, created with Paintshop Pro. This new map includes clear biome colors for quick navigation and easy to read labels and icons.

Spoiler Alert:
  • The map exposes many hidden details, so only install it if your cool with seeing every cave, wreck and P.O.I.
  • Turning off fog isn't advisable unless you've already explored 100% of the map previously.

To Install
To make it work you will first need qModManager installed and Map Mod. Then just drop this mod in the SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Subnautica\QMods folder. This mod will not overwrite any files, but it needs to be merged with the SubnauticaMap folder, so choose yes when prompted.

To uninstall; simply open the qmods/SubnauticaMap/maps directory and delete the newbiomes folder.

Note about Time Capsules:
Basically, there's no guarantee they will be where I plotted them. I've read conflicting opinions about how they are spawned. Some say their locations are totally random, while some claim they spawn where the developers place them but of the 100's of possible capsules, only 10-20 are spawned. In my testing, I've found that the handful that have been plotted were exactly where they were supposed to be... except for one but it seemed to be plotted incorrectly and was practically in the void. I've even found a few from vague leads. This isn't a definitive list, and searching at night for bright blue is the best way to find them (you will also find loads of Quartz).

Sorry, this resource is no longer under development. I disagree with the throw-away policy for mods that are over 30 days old, no matter how successful they are (look at any Nexus mod's stats and you'll see it clearly)