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Inspired by the subnautica cinematic trailer, the preset aims to reproduce the cinematic look of the trailer while giving it a realistic submerged feel to the game, enhanced by advanced shaders that pushes the game's visuals to the next level.

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Download and extract Cinematic_Overhaul.rar into SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Subnautica\ (or installation directory from Epic Games Store) where Subnautica.exe is located

Run the game and press Shift+F2 (Default is Home button) to open Reshade menu

Select the Cinematic_Overhaul preset and arrange the effects in order if Reshade doesn't automatically arrange it (Very important)

ignore the warning text, its an error in the shader itself but it still works

Set a toggle key in the settings tab for turning preset on and off, default is delete


MatsoDOF - Cinematic Depth of Field

MXAO - Ambient Occlusion (Numpad 1 to turn on/off)

SSR - Reflections (Numpad 2 to turn it on/off)

RTGI (not included in mod) - Ray Traced Global Illumination, do not use MXAO if you use this (Numpad 1 to turn on/off)

These are very performance heavy, especially RTGI, turning these off will make the reshade have no performance impact


In game settings - Turn off dithering and colour grading. TAA anti-aliasing is recommended. 

White lights - Recommended as it plays better with lights in game.


Startup/Resolution issues/Crash - rename the dxgi.dll file into d3d11.dll.

Flickering in bright areas - issue with PandaFX shader, however turning it off completely turns off the cinematic grading so for the time being this cannot be fixed.

Kelp Forest is too dark - set green exposure under lightroom from -1 to -0.5 or 0. However, the bright greens do not match with the rest of the preset as well, especially affects the lost river. 

Nights are too dark - turn off curves by pressing numpad +.  However, the preset is intended to be a bit darker than vanilla game.