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Creatures will no longer attack your vehicles in Creative mode or when using the Invisible cheat.
Furthermore, it will (by default) disable invincibility when using the 'invisible' cheat.

Requires QMOD Manager.

Permissions and credits

Creatures will no longer attack your vehicles when running the game in NoAggression mode. This mode is activated when starting a Creative game or when using the Invisible cheat.

The game ignores the player in NoAggression mode, but vehicles would still get attacked, this mod aims to resolve that. You will no longer need to worry about getting jump scared when playing around in Creative Mode.

Another side effect of NoAggression mode is that the player and vehicles become totally immune to all forms of damage. This mod will disable the invincibility that comes with becoming invisible. Yes! You can now be boiled alive without being harassed by the local flora and fauna! Don't like the feeling of your face melting when diving for those pretty rubies inside a hydrothermal vent? No worries, see Usage for help.

This mod requires QMOD manager´╗┐.


Extract the contents of the zip file into your Subnautica directory. The mod activates on entering the game, or after using the invisibility cheat. You do not need to start a new game.

The mod prevents the player from becoming invincible when activating invisibility by default. Edit config.json and dange "noDamageByDefault" to "true" if you prefer the default game behavior (become invincible and invisible at the same time).  Use the 'nodamage' cheat to toggle invincibility.


Word of advice: try to avoid running your Seamoth straight into the yaws of a Reaper Leviathan. They tend not to appreciate that. ;)

The mod shouldn't affect your saved games, but still: can't hurt to make a backup.

And last but not least: I do not take any responsibility for spilled drinks due to unexpected jump scares.. Yes, that has happened during development of this mod. =)


I'm not aware of any incompatible mods so far, but before reporting: please disable other mods if you run into any problems in order to help me pinpoint the cause.

I haven't encountered any unexpected attacks, but then again I haven't been able to test every biome/creature/vehicle combination. Just remember, should you come under attack:


This mod is based partially on Peaceful Mode with invisiblevehicle command´╗┐ by AWriterMustWrite.