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Replace objects with other ones. Set spawn chance for objects. Multiply any spawned object.

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This mod allows you to replace objects with other ones, set spawn chance for objects and multiply every spawned object. To do it open the mod's folder and open config.json with a text editor. It has 3 sections: "techsToReplace", "techsSpawnChance" and "techsToMultiply".

"techsToReplace" allows you to replace a spawned object with another one. Its format is a TechType to replace followed by another TechType. 

"techsSpawnChance" allows you to set spawn chance for an object. Its format is a TechType  followed by percent chance to spawn. Set it to 0 to prevent an object from spawning. 

"techsToMultiply" allows you to multiply a spawned object. Its format is a TechType followed by number to multiply it by . When you multiply an object, its copies will be placed near it at random coordinates. It does not work well for objects that should be attached to walls or sea bed. You should use Customize Your Spawns mod for that, although it does not work for all objects. 

You can find list of TechTypes here. They are called "Item ID" there.

If you replace an object, the new TechType will be properly processed in "techsSpawnChance"  and "techsToMultiply" sections of the config file.