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This mod adds the ability to use channel point redemptions and bits to trigger events in subnautica.

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Twitch Interaction

This mod provides some integration between twitch and Subnautica. It currently allows for a set of specific channel point redemptions and their bit counterparts to affect the game.

Step 1::Installation [NEW PATCH BEPINEX]
1) Install Bepinex
2) Install SMLHelper
3) Download the attached zip and extract within the BepInEx folder, it should look like the file structure picture in the media section

Step 1::Installation [LEGACY]
1) Install Qmodmanager
2) Install SMLHelper
3) Download the attached zip and extract within the QMods folder, it should look like the file structure picture in the media section

Step2::Authentication Setup AUTOMATED
1) Go to the mod options menu, and click on AUTH WITH TWITCH (Requires Restart)
2) Your browser should now open a twitch authentication page, grant the application permissions. The permissions should be as shown in images
3) Once you have approved this auth you should be redirected to a page with a button saying Click Me To Save Creds! click the button
4) Your browser will be redirected again, and it should say DONE! as well as some reminder text about not sharing your config file
5) restart Subnautica

Step 2::Authentication setup MANUAL (Not recommended)
1) rename config.json.template to config.json
2) Get your access token and client id from you should make a custom scope token with:
a) channel:read:redemptions
b) bits:read
3) get your username_id  by downloading postman or another easy way to call endpoints and using the following details
i) GET:
ii) HEADER: client-id = YOUR_CLIENT_ID
iii) HEADER: Authorization = Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN
iv) an example can be seen in images
4) fill in the config.json as described by the template file, alternatively look at the config.json image on this page

Step 3::Setup redemptions
1) you can now go to the mod options menu and configure various things, such as the bit cost for certain actions, the cooldown time for actions, and whether to show and save redemption messages
2) create some channel point redemptions, the title of the redemption must be EXACTLY what it says below in the functionality section otherwise it WILL NOT WORK, an example of how to set up a redemption can be seen in the images.

Users can redeem with channel points just by redeeming the reward
Users can redeem with bits by having the full title somewhere in their cheer message e.g: "cheer200 Invert Controls [Integration]"

When a user redeems a reward, that reward gets actioned. Then the reward is put on cooldown for a specified amount of time. If a user redeems a reward that is currently on cooldown it will be put into the queue, once the cooldown is expired the queued redemption will be actioned. Multiple rewards can be queued up like this at any one time

Rip Riley [Integration]
Kills the player

Heal Riley [Integration]
Heals the player to full

Toggle Day/Night [Integration]
If it is day changes it to night, if it is night changes it to day

Open PDA [Integration]
Opens the players pda

Turn on the big gun [Integration]
If the alien gun has been disabled, it enables it, otherwise does nothing

Fill Oxygen [Integration]
Fills the players oxygen to full

Find a new home [Integration]
Moves the players lifepod to a different normal lifepod spawn location

Player Teleport [Integration]
Teleports the player anywhere on the map (does not work if the player is in a vehicle)

Give that beautiful tooth [Integration]
Give the player a stalker tooth

Cow or Reaper? Yes. [Integration]
Spawns a random creature

Fill him up with junk [Integration]
Fills the players inventory with arguably useless items

Get your pet reaper to hang out [Integration]
Spawn a reaper

Resource Roulette [Integration]
Gives the player a random basic resource (that you would obtain from a resource node) if the players inventory is full does nothing

Blueprint Roulette [Integration]
Gives the player a random blueprint, if the player has unlocked all blueprints it does nothing

An early breakfast [Integration]
Fills the players water and food bars

Find a really new home [Integration]
Moves the players lifepod to a location that the lifepod wouldnt normally spawn at

Play tooth drop sound [Integration]
Plays the sound that the stalkers make when they drop a tooth

Clear a hotbar slot [Integration]
Unbinds something from the players hotbar

Shuffle the hotbar [Integration]
Shuffles the players hotbar bindings

Steal a battery [Integration]
Takes a battery out of one of the players tools at random and puts it in the inventory

Steal some equipment [Integration]
Makes the player drop a hotbar item or an equipped item (does not work if the player is somewhere they cannot usually drop items)

Kill bad things [Integration]
Kills all reapers, ghost leviathans, sea dragons, warpers and crab squids around the player

Go back home [Integration]
Teleports the player to the lifepod (does not work if the player is in a vehicle)

Crafted Roulette [Integration]
Gives the player a random item usually obtained from crafting in the fabricator

Random Mouse Sensitivity [Integration]
Sets the mouse sensitivity to a random value for 15 seconds

Hide HUD [Integration]
Hides the HUD for 60 seconds

Invert Controls [Integration]
Inverts controls for 60 seconds

Disable Controls [Integration]
Disables the controls for 10 seconds

Light? What is light? [Integration]
Turns on filmic mode for 60 seconds

Random FOV [Integration]
Changes the FOV to a non standard value for 60 seconds

What explosion? [Integration]
Unexplodes the aurora (aurora will re-explode after the usual amount of time)

Be careful Riley [Integration]
Turns on one hit KO mode

Go REALLY fast [Integration]
Makes the player move quickly

Put your name on the map! [Integration]
Spawns a beacon named after the user who redeemed it

Can I disable rewards being redeemable with bits? no, this is not possible. If you don't want users to use bits simply do not tell them they can do so
Can I disable rewards being redeemable with channel points? yes, simply do not create the channel point redemptions
Can I rename any of the redemption rewards? Not at this time no
Can I change how long certain rewards last? Not at this time no

If you wish to contribute, or just to look at the source code it can be found here: GITHUB