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This is a mod that allows you to fundamentally alter what spawns into the games random spawning system.

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This is a VERY powerful mod that does NOTHING on its own. 

Configuration files are created in the form of Json files and are put into a subfolder called ChangesToLoad. 
Any file located in this forlder that ends with .json and does not contain the word Disabled in the name of the file will be loaded and the contents parsed.

The format of the contents of this file consist of a TechType  aka ItemID followed by a List of Biome/Count/Probability information.

Example :

"biome": "safeShallows_Wall",
"count": 1,
"probability": 1.0

ItemID = 
Currently only vanilla game ItemID are valid. there will be an update coming that will allow it to work with modded ones but for now that is not possible.
list of vanilla ItemIDs

Currently The Cyclops will not work as it is a special system of its own and cannot be spawned this way.

Biome =
The biome type pulled from the biome list file or from checking the default distribution file.

Count =
How many are spawned at a time when the game decides to spawn from this.

Probability = this is a weighted value from 0.001 to 1000+.
The more things in a single biome the higher this number will need to be in order to be picked.
Values for the probability range from 0.001 to 1.0   where 0.001 is a 0.1% chance if nothing else is in the biome and 1.0  which  means that no matter what something will be spawned.   things set above 1.0  have a even higher weighing  when more then one thing has been chosen to be spawned.

Using this information you can do things from making Peepers spawn in the ALZ, up to having random seamoth/prawn vehicles spawn. As an optional file I will include an example configuration that randomizes hostile creature spawn locations and even adds random spawning Leviathans to some of the more advanced locations in the game.  You can use this file as an example or even modify it to remove the extra leviathans if you want to.

WARNING: The Reefbacks and Leviathans from the default game are hand placed onto the map and will NOT! be altered by anything you do using this mod.   You can use this to add more Leviathans to the world however those default game leviathans will remain in there original locations.