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About this mod

This mod adds an RPG style levelling system to Subnautica! The more you use/train your stats, the higher they get! Want to swim faster? Just swim more! Want radiation resistance? Go out there and get close to radation! This mod aims to give more purpose to players and goals for them to achieve! More awesome RPG goodness to come!

Permissions and credits
RPG Framework

This mod is still in development. That means there may be bugs. If you find any bugs please let me know. Thank you for your patience and understanding

What can this mod do:

Currently you can level up all of the stats listed below. The mod was designed to be balanced, so max level isn't too OP, and you shouldn't reach it any time soon. Also, every time you level up a stat you need more XP than last time to level it up again. There are plans to add many additional RPG-style features, which I will keep a surprise for now.

What stats can I level up?

• Max health
• Swimming speed and walking speed
• How long your breath is
• How long it takes you to suffocate
• Every damage type (max level gives 95% resistance)

This mod is too hard/ too easy!

If you feel like the mod is too challenging or isn't challenging enough, you can edit all of the config values. Some are in the Settings menu inside Subnautica, and you'll find all of them in the Config.json file located in the   Subnautica/QMods/RPG_Framework   folder. It has all of the configurable values so you can adjust the difficulty as much as you like. In addition to this, please let me know how you feel about the mod so I can improve it for others :)

Are there any mods that conflict with this one?
No idea :D . I have a lot of mods enabled and haven't run into any issues. However any mods that alter the players stats could conflict with this one. If you find any conflicts please let me know.

Contact the developer:

If you want to contact me, I'm in the Subnautica modding discord server and my discord name is Gurrenm4#2395 , feel free to ping me there if you want to talk. Here's the link to the Subnautica modding discord server