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A lightweight mod which lets you define the speed for scanning already known fragments.

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I like cleaning the ocean of all fragments, so it looks tidy and i already know there are no more unknown fragments.
However, the default scan speed for already known fragments of 2s was to slow for me. So i created this mod to adjust this!

Its a really lightweight mod that lets you set a speed for scanning already known fragments. The default is 2s and i currently use 1s.

The custom speed can be set inside the config.json file:
  "KnownScanTime": 1.0
I did not add any ingame options as the game has to be restarted in order to apply any changes. This is because the speed is overridden with a transpiler and the time-cost/ benefit relation of inserting an ingame option is not so great.

This mod requires QModManager.
Extract the Rm_FastKnownScan archive into your QMods folder:

This mod should be compatible with all other mods, even if they change the scan speed for certain fragments!
It is not compatible with mods that directly change "PDAScanner.Scan".

Special thanks to the modding community for supporting me!

Sourcecode: Github