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A mod that collects gaspods in a range of the collector

Permissions and credits
This mod collects gaspods that are in the range of it. All pods are stored within the gaspod collector and can be taken by using either the Take gaspod button to take one gaspod or the bulk button to fill the player's inventory with gaspods. 

#Important: Please check to make sure there aren't any FCStudio mod duplicates in your Qmods directory. The new mod folder naming convention is FCS_{ModName}.

#NOTE: Please check this mod after any updates or releases of our mods. This mod is needed by all new mods and updated mods by FCStudios. 

#NOTE: This mod is configurable in the config.json in the main mod directory. This mod will autogenerate config.json if it is missing once Subnautica has started.

Nexus Mod Donators - Thank You!
We would like to thank everyone for their donations. Your donations help us to push forward in creating better mods and keeps our little fingers moving over these keyboards. We are grateful for each and every one of you!

  1. You must have QModManager v3.0 or higher downloaded and installed to run any mod.
  2. You must have SMLHelper (Modding Helper) v2.6 or higher downloaded and extracted into your QMods folder (Download the archive (zip file), open up the archive with WinRar or 7zip, Drag-and-drop the "Modding Helper" folder into your QMods folder).
  3. Should be \Steam\steamapps\common\Subnautica\QMods\Modding Helper\
  4. Once the above are installed, you can install this mod by extracting it into the Qmods folder Qmods/FCS_GaspodCollector
  5. Run the game.
  6. You are ready to play.

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Cool Tips:
  • The gaspod collector will protect you from being attacked by a gasopod once powered.
  • The gaspod collector can have a beacon attached to it by throwing a beacon at it.


  "Config": {
"PlaySFX": true, (Not in use ATM will update)
"StorageLimit": 48, (The amount of storage the Gaspod  Collector will have)
"PowerUsage": 0.1 (The amount of power the Gaspod  Collector will take from its batteries)


Check this mod out on the mod spotlight by nitrox.

Special Thanks:

Source Code Github
FCStudios Trello
FCStudios Discord