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Quantum Teleporter is a mod that allows you to teleport from one point to another inside a base (local) or from one base to another (global).

Permissions and credits
Alterra Electronics Quantum Teleporter
Quantum Teleporter is a mod that allows you to teleport from one point to another inside a base (local) or from one base to another (global).

*Important Please check to make sure there aren't any FCStudio mod duplicates in your Qmods directory. The new mod folder naming convention is FCS_{ModName}.

*Attention this mod has a configuration file located in the mod folder (config.json) as of version 1.0.3 the configuration file will be created when Subnautica has been started.

Nexus Mod Donators - Thank You!

We would like to thank everyone for their donations. Your donations help us to push forward in creating better mods and keeps our little fingers moving over these keyboards. We are grateful for each and every one of you!

Config.json Default
GlobalTeleportPowerUsage = 1500
InternalTeleportPowerUsage = 150
• Each setting in the configurator defines how much power is needed to perform the teleport per unit.
Each unit pulls the required amount from the base it is in, for example, If doing a global teleport 1500 units are taken from the sender base and 1500 units are taken from the receiver base.
If doing an internal teleport 150x2 (300) units is taken from the base.

In order to unlock the quantum teleporter, you must have picked up the IonCube to discover it scanning the ion cube doesn't seem to work.

Currently Available in V1.0.4
  • Unlocks with picking up the IonCube (Discovering)

Currently Available in V1.0.0
  • Mod configuration.
  • Ability to teleport from one teleporter to another teleporter in the same base.
  • Ability to teleport from one teleporter to another teleporter in another base.
  • Color changing
  • Teleporter status is shown on destination selection screen (Destination Power info on mouse hover)
  • Confirmation screen before teleport.


Required mods:
 Make sure you have these installed first.

Next step:
 Extract the zip archive into your QMods folder.
  • You should end up with a single folder named FCS_QuantumTeleporter
  • Use the "Extract here" option to avoid accidentally creating additional folders.

Special Thanks - for help with beta-testing and bug-hunting.


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