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Automated defenses for your Cyclops against hostile predators and parasites. Powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades.

Permissions and credits
New Upgrade Modules!
This new module will make every hostile predator think twice about attacking your Cyclops

Cyclops Auto Defense System

  • Whenever a hostile target gets in range to attack the Cyclops, the Auto Defense System will automatically zaps the aggressor
  • and anything else unlucky enough to be close to the Cyclops when it fires
  • For the Auto Defense System to function, a Seamoth with a Perimeter Defense upgrade module must be docked in the Cyclops
  • This system works by supercharging and focusing the Seamoth's Perimeter Defense System
  • Where can I craft this? This module can be found in the Cyclops Fabricator.
  • What do I need to unlock this? You'll have it available as soon as you unlock the Seamoth Perimeter Defense System.
  • Alert! Because the Auto Defense System is engaged by the Cyclops threat detector, it will only target large creatures that are attacking the Cyclops itself.
  • This mod will not protect you if you are outside of the Cyclops.

Cyclops Auto Parasite Remover

  • Whenever a lava leech attaches to the Cyclops to start sucking away are your energy, the module will automatically pulse the Cyclops shield to detach them.
  • For the Auto Parasite Remove to function, a Cyclops Shield module must be installed in the Cyclops.
  • A shield pulse from the auto parasite remover only consumes 10% of the power that a manual pulse of the shield would consume.
  • Where can I craft this? This module can be found in the Cyclops Fabricator.
  • What do I need to unlock this? You'll have them available as soon as you unlock the Cyclops Shield Upgrade Module.

Cyclops Auto Defense System Mk2
  • An improved Auto-Defense module that does not require a docked Seamoth to function
  • Has a slightly reduced cooldown time compared to the original
  • You can use this in addition to the original Auto Defense System, giving you twice the zapping power!
  • Where can I craft this? This module can be found in the Modification Station.
  • What do I need to unlock this? You'll have this available after crafting the original Auto Defense System

New Features Powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades
PDA Icon Overlay
  • When viewing these modules from the PDA screen, additional info can be viewed at a glance
  • View the current status of the Auto Defense System and see if it is ready to fire

Cross-Mod Compatibility with Vehicle Upgrades In Cyclops
The new upgrade modules of this mod will appear in the correct crafting tab if VehicleUpgradesInCyclops is present.

Required mods: Make sure you have these installed first.
Next step: Extract the zip archive into your QMods folder.
  • You should end up with a single folder named CyclopsAutoZapper in the QMods folder

Built using the MoreCyclopsUpgrades 4.0 APIs. Check the wiki for details.

Source code on PrimeSonic's GitHub

Spawn IDs:
  • CyclopsZapperModule
  • CyclopsAntiLarvaModule
  • CyclopsZapperModuleMk2