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About this mod

A tiny nuclear reactor that fits in the upgrade console itself. Powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades.
Includes the Nuclear Fabricator to build all your nuclear crafts in one place.

Permissions and credits
New Upgrade Modules!
Cyclops Nuclear Reactor Module
  • Recommended alternative: Cyclops Nuclear Reactor
  • Helps with getting through the mid-game when the sun is too far but the thermal chargers aren't in reach yet.
  • Be careful not to abuse it as running these too long can cause them to overheat and temporarily shut down.
  • Where can I craft this? This module can be found in the Modification Station and the Nuclear Fabricator.
  • What do I need to unlock this? You'll have it available once you've unlocked the Base Nuclear Reactor

New Buildables!

Nuclear Fabricator
  • A specialized fabricator for handling hazardous nuclear materials.
  • Entirely optional for 99% of what you'll want to do with this mod. It's just a cool little addition for fun and flavor.
  • You can craft any small nuclear item from this fabricator.
  • Where can I craft this? You will find it in your Habitat Builder under Interior Modules.
  • What do I need to unlock this? You'll have it available once you've unlocked the Base Nuclear Reactor.

New Features Powered by MoreCyclopsUpgrades
Power Indicator Info

  • Displays an icon at the Cyclops Helm HUD and Holographic HUD whenever this module is producing power
  • This display will also show a readout of the current outside temperature
PDA Icon Overlay
  • When viewing these modules from the PDA screen, additional info can be viewed at a glance
  • View the current operating temperature of the nuclear module
  • View the remaining energy at a glance
  • View if the module has overheated
Cross-Mod Bonus
  • If you're running the Replenish Reactor Rods mod, the Nuclear Fabricator will have the option to replenish standard depleted reactor rods.
  • If you're running the Cyclops Nuclear Reactor mod, the Enhancer upgrade modules will be in the Nuclear Fabricator.

Required mods: Make sure you have these installed first.
Next step: Extract the zip archive into your QMods folder.
  • You should end up with a single folder named CyclopsNuclearUpgrades in the QMods folder

Built using the MoreCyclopsUpgrades 4.0 APIs. Check the wiki for details.

Source code on PrimeSonic's GitHub

Spawn IDs:
  • CyclopsNuclearModule
  • DepletedCyclopsNuclearModule
  • NuclearFabricator