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About this mod

Adds a blueprint tracker to the HUD

Permissions and credits
by RandyKnapp
built for QMods Mod System

*** Latest version works with the Steam version on Mac and PC, and with the Epic Store version ***

BlueprintTracker allows you to pin blueprints to the HUD, so you can track your progress on finding their ingredients. Open the Blueprints tab in the PDA and click on the Pin icon for any unlocked blueprint to begin tracking that blueprint.

- Fixed a bug where the tracker would not save in hardcore mode
- Fixed a bug where you could try to track untrackable cyclops parts blueprints
- Added support for the Epic Store version of Subnautica
- Updated mod for the Big Little update
- Fixed for 2019 Update

QMods Instructions:
  • Download and install QMods
  • Extract to your Subnautica install directory
  • Run the game

  • MaxPinnedBlueprints (int, default=13):
    Maximum number of blueprints to show. At scale=1.0, 13 is the most you can fit on the screen.
  • Position (string, default="TopRight"):
    Can be one of "TopLeft", "TopRight", "BottomLeft" or "BottomRight"
    Sets which corner or the screen to place the blueprint tracker.
  • CornerOffsetX (int, default=20):
    Offset from the left or right edge of the screen
  • CornerOffsetY (int, default=20):
    Offset from the top or bottom edge of the screen
  • TrackerScale (float, default=1.0):
    Scales the entire tracker larger or smaller
  • FontSize (int, default=16):
    Changes the font size of the "X/Y" ingredient readouts
  • BackgroundAlpha (float, default=0.5):
    Changes the transparency of the background. Defaults to 0.5
    (Note: the background reuses the quickslot background and cannot be made completely opaque.)
  • ShowWhilePiloting (bool, default=false):
    Sets whether or not the tracker is visible while in a vehicle
  • ColorblindMode (bool, default=false):
    Changes the text color from green/red to cyan/magenta