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FCS Power Storage is a mod that allows you to have a power storage bank in your base. This mod will pull or trickle power to and from your base while running.

Permissions and credits
A Power Storage unit that stores 2000 units of power with a display showing all 6 internal cells that store power for your base.

#Important!: Please Remember To Download The FCS Tech Fabricator. 

#Important!:  Please remember to check if there is an update for the Tech Fabricator on every update of any of our mods. Thank you!

#Important!: Please check to make sure there aren't any FCStudio mod duplicates in your Qmods directory. The new mod folder naming convention is FCS_{ModName}.

#Note: This mod can be configured in the config.json file located in the mod folder.


• Stores Power
• Releases stored power to the base
• Color customization
• Ability to turn unit off/on
• Prevents complete base drain.
• Automatic charge and discharge ability.
• Customization of default settings of the FCS Power Storage Mod
• Sync all units in the base with the same settings.


What does Auto Activate At mean?
This feature will allow the Power Storage Unit to change its mode into DISCHARGE mode automatically when the base is below the provided base power level.

What does Base Drain Limit do?
This feature will prevent the Power Storage unit from pulling power from the habitat if the habitat's power level is at the provided level. 

Creation instructions
Habitat Builder -> Interior Modules -> FCS Power Storage


FCSTechFabricator -> Power Storage Kit

1. Install all required mods in the requirements section above.
2. Extract to your Qmods install directory
3. Run the game

Special Thanks - for help with beta-testing and bug-hunting.

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