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A new battery and power cell to give you just a little more juice half-way through the game.

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MidGame Batteries
Adds two new energy craftables to spice things up just a little bit near the mid game.

What are these new items?
The Deep Battery provides 250 units of energy. That's 2.5x the normal battery.
The Deep Power Cell provides 500 units of energy, as you'd expect.
You can treat these as another set of small upgrades you can make with your newly discovered materials.
These will fit in all tools, vehicles, and chargers as you'd expect.

Where are these new items?
The Deep Battery and Deep Power Cell will unlock after you've discovered Deep Shrooms.
You can craft them from the normal Fabricator.
To help organize the new additions to the crafting tree, all batteries and power cells have been moved to a new crafting tab, inside the Electronics tab.

You must have QModManager and SMLHelper V2 installed.
Simply extract the MidGameBatteries archive into your QMods folder.

User Configuration
If 250 and 500 units of energy seems like too much (or too little) then you can adjust these power levels to better suit your play style.
In the MidGameBatteries folder, you'll find the MidGameBatConfig.txt file.
Users can edit the BatteryPower value to change how much power they want out of the the new Deep Battery and Deep Power Cell.
Choose one of four options:
  • VeryLow: [150/300] For just a little boost that will still have you keeping an eye on your energy levels.
  • Low: [200/400] For a small but noticeable boost.
  • Normal: [250/500] Default setting and recommended as it provides energy levels exactly between the standard batteries and the ion batteries.
  • High: [300/600] For players who feel they shouldn't need to worry about energy at this point in the game.
All changes will only take effect the next time you start up the game and will only affect new Deep Batteries and Deep Power Cells created after the change.

Recommended Companion Mod
If you don't know what to do with all those batteries that you no longer have a need for,
check out Equipment Salvage for some custom crafts that will give you ways to recycle them.

The Deep Power Cell will function in all standard vehicles and power cell chargers normally,
however, it cannot be used in Randy's Habitat Control Panel at this time.

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