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Fully configurable hiding of HUD elements for all users, with some other minor tweaks for VR users

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I just got this game, and it seems like it could be a great VR experience with just some minor tweaks. I made this mod for an immersive VR experience, but the HUD tweaks should work just fine for non-VR mode.

I'm not very far in the game, so my default config may be missing some HUD elements, but you can add any you come across. I tried to make it as configurable as possible via the config.json, and you can reload the configuration in-game for quick tweaking.

  • Option to unlocks the gamepad's Y-axis when in VR mode
  • Option to disable screenshots. I couldn't figure out how to unbind it from the controller, and it is wasting a perfectly good button, so you can disable screenshots to free up a binding.
  • Multiple configurable HUD modes
  • Configurable gamepad or keyboard keys

Default HUD modes:
  • Full Hud - Shows everything
  • Immersive - Hides most HUD elements except the Action hint, Scanner icon, and radiation warning
  • Hide Crosshairs - Shows everything except the crosshairs
  • Hide All - Hides everything
  • Full Reticle - Like Immersive, but also shows the crosshairs

Switch between HUD modes with  Gamepad: Press RB+Left Stick (next mode), LB+Left Stick (prev mode),  Keyboard: "U" (next mode)
Quick-peek health and depth with  Gamepad: Press Right Stick    Keyboard: "Y"
Reload the configuration in-game with   Gamepad: Press RB+LB+A   Keyboard: "I"
Reset VR Position: RB+LB+Left Stick

When your oxygen, health, hunger or thirst fall below a predefined value (default 35) the stats panel will automatically turn on. Dismiss the pop-up with "Quick Peek" (Right Stick  or  Y )

  • Sometimes the Y axis appears to rotate around the wrong spot. If this occurs, try resetting your VR position