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Take your Seamoth and Prawn Suit to the next level as each new depth module makes them progressively tougher and faster.

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It is highly recommend to pick up the Slot Extender mod to use along side this one.
Upgraded Vehicles greatly increases the benefits you gain from adding a new depth module to your small vehicles.

New Benefits to Upgrading your Depth Modules
When you install a new depth modules in your Seamoth or Prawn Suit, it will gain additional bonuses in the form of:
  • More vehicle armor (reduced damage from impacts and creature attacks)
  • Additional movement speed (go faster at no extra cost)
  • Better engine efficiency (power cells last longer)
All this for free just from the depth upgrade module.

New Vehicle Upgrade Module: Speed Boost Module
  • Kicks your small vehicle into high gear, adding extra speed to get you there and back faster.
  • The added speed does come at the cost of reduced engine efficiency.
  • The bonus speed added by the depth modules though comes free ;)
  • Craft it at your Vehicle Upgrade Console.

New Vehicle Upgrade Modules: Hull Reinforcement Module Mk2, Mk3, & Mk4
  • Rather than waste precious upgrade slots of multiple armor modules, why not upgrade them instead?
  • Now you can get the benefits of 2, 3, or even 4 armor modules in a single slot
  • So that you don't feel obligated to craft multiple of these, hull reinforcement modules no longer stack with each other
  • 3 new tiers of hull reinforcement modules are available to craft in the Modification Station

Altered Items
  • All Hull Reinforcement Modules now grant your vehicle some damage reduction against all types of damage, even creature attacks.
  • Finally, it's not totally useless!

Cross-Mod Bonus
  • If you're also running More Seamoth Depth mod, the Seamoth Mk4 and Mk5 depth modules will grant increasing bonuses over the Mk3.

User Configurable (Introduced in version 3.1)
  • The extra bonus speed provided by depth modules is now configurable in the Mod Options menu in-game.
  • You can leave the bonus speeds as is, slow them down a little, go faster, or even outright disable the extra speed entirely.
  • Bonus speed settings to the Seamoth and Prawn Suit can be configured independently.
  • Selections are saved to your UpgradedVehicles mod folder.
  • ATTENTION: Changes made through the options menu won't take effect until you next re-equip any depth modules to refresh the stats.


You must have QModManager and SMLHelper V2 installed.
Simply extract the UpgradedVehicles archive into your QMods folder.

Source code:
Source code now contains pre-calculated values for the common upgrades handled by this mod: here

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