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This new map isn't an island but a huge abandoned ship with lot of loot onboard.
The story of this ship is linked to another map... (Coming later)

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This new map isn't an island but a huge abandoned ship with lot of loot onboard. The story of this ship is linked to Albara Island.

Story of the Starlight and her Crew

June 17th, 1972 6:30PM
We left Cherbourg for the Pacific Ocean 3 days ago. I have great hope to find Captain Taylor and the other survivors of Flight 748 to Sydney. The research zone is huge but the last contact from the plane’s radio was triangulated nearby some small islands. If Captain Taylor could send this message, it’s certain he successfully managed an emergency landing. The communication was poor but apparently he and the other survivors were hiding in a cave. The rest of the communication was too bad to understand anything but he said something about "natives"... then we lost contact.

June 26th, 1972 4:00PM
The Chef is cooking something special for tonight. I don't know what is it but it smells so good!

June 26th, 1972 10:30PM
I'm so full! I will rest for the night. Maxime will stay in the wheelhouse. I trust this young man enough to let him take the wheel and the weather is clear. It will be a smooth night.

June 27th, 1972 5:10AM
Something attacked the ship. Frank, the Chief engineer said that he saw giant tentacles ripping off the walls of the hull. I don't know what to think. I do not believe in sea monsters but the damage is significant. He said that the ship won't sink but we need to stop at the closest harbor before the damage gets worse.

July 6th, 1972 7:00PM
Unbelievable! While we were on our way to Sydney, the radar indicated an island not too far from our position. When we got closer we saw something that looks like an airplane. There is no doubt! This is flight 748! Tomorrow I will send some men to investigate.

July 6th, 1972 10:20PM
No more electricity. Seems like the damage is more significant than what Frank thought. He setup some temporary lights but without electricity this ship won't go anywhere. Tomorrow's expedition is cancelled. We need to get electricity back and go to Sydney. I will come back and explore this island later.

July 7th, 1972 9:12AM
Last night some natives came aboard the ship through the damags in the hull. How is it possible!? They killed a lot of the crew members onboard. I don't know how many there are and can’t find the rest of the crew. I found refuge in the engine room with some water and emergency rations.

July 9th, 1972 9:10PM
It’s been two days that Frank and I have been hiding in the engine room. We are running out of water. I'm not sure if those savages still onboard. There is a lifeboat on the second deck. If we can reach it without being spotted, we can escape.

July 11th, 1972 3:10AM
We decided to take the risk. Better to die trying than die like rats trapped in the engine room. Frank managed to find a machete. I hope we will make it out alive… I’m leaving this journal behind so the world will know what happened to us if we fail. Wish us luck!

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Type: Ship


Steam Workshop:

How to Install:

STEAM for PC & Mac
1) From the Community Hub, click on the tab Workshop ➫ Browse ➫ Items.

2) Select the map that you want and click on the green "+ Subscribe" button to download the map.

1) Go to: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\LocalLow\Beam Team Games\Stranded Deep\Data\Maps

_ Note: If you don't see the AppData folder: Go to the "View" tab at the top and check the "Hidden items" checkbox.

2) Unzip the RAR file with WinRAR, WinZip or other compression tool.

3) Copy & paste the map folder. This folder should be named like "MAP_..." Done!

1) Find game in location: /Users/"your username"/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Stranded Deep

2) Right click on "Stranded_Deep_x64" and select "Show Package Content"

3) Extract custom island files into folder: /Contents/Data/Editor/Maps

1) In the menu of the game:
     _ Steam players: Click on Cartographer ➫ Community
     _ Other players: Click on Cartographer ➫ Local

2) Select the island that you want in your Stranded Deep world ➫ Drag it and drop it onto the map ➫ Click on "Apply".

3) Enjoy!