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Brings back 18 old items and adds a few completely new items, a bunch of new recipes, other minor game tweaks.

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What is this mod?
This mod requires SDPF, it brings back the majority of old items and adds a few new items, recipes, tiny game tweaks.

For players who had the coupled (all-in-one) version
Check the sticky post here.

Item info
- Antibiotics: cures poisoning, rarely found in loot.
- Bucket: collects rain water, sea water, can be boiled to purify (will be changed later on), can be spilled, found randomly in loot.
- Canned beans: less filling alternative to existing rations, found in loot randomly. Must be opened prior to consumption.
- Camera: easter egg, found in loot extremely rarely.
- Deco air tank: like regular air tank, but slightly better and rarer.
- Diver's slate: old easter egg, found in loot extremely rarely.
- Flare: acts like a regular flare, found in loot randomly.
- Flippers: once equipped, player will receive a big boost to speed underwater, but land speed will be ~halved. Found in loot rarely.
- Goggles: makes underwater clearer when equipped, found rarely in loot.
- Land shark sign: old easter egg, found in loot extremely rarely.
- Lighter: can easily light torches and campfires, found in loot rarely. Can be refilled with gas cans.
- Mitchell: neutralizes poisonous starfish and sea urchin.
- Morphine: fixes broken leg, rarely found in loot.
- Old axe: stronger version of refined axe, found in loot randomly. 
- Plastic water bottle - a 4 serving alternative to clay water bottle. Found randomly in loot.
- Pocket knife - a stronger alternative to refined knife, found randomly in loot.
- Refined goggles: goggles effect + headlamp.
- Rusty machete: basic tool, found in loot randomly.
- Shark bait: attracts sharks in the open ocean.
- Shark fin: food item obtained from skinning sharks. Acts like regular meat.
- Vitamins: gives a positive health regen effect, rarely found in loot.
- Whistle: old easter egg, found in loot extremely rarely.

All known issues on the version (0.05.01):
- Errors in player.log when jumping with a bucket (FIXED IN UPCOMING VERSION)
- Errors due to land shark being attached to light hooks (FIXED IN UPCOMING VERSION)
- Refined goggles sometimes bug out and become ununequippable (FIXED IN UPCOMING VERSION)
- Shark bait doesn't always mature (FIXED IN UPCOMING VERSION)
- Small items can fall through thin colliders (e.g. terrain) when dropped and especially when smashed against them. There is no way I know of provided by the engine to fix this without really sacrificing performance, sorry.

To install the mod you must have Unity Mod Manager AND Stranded Deep Public Framework (0.04.06+). Install this mod the same way you install any other UMM mod. If you're having trouble, check out the tutorial by Speedy.


This version requires a framework update - 0.04.06 or above.

- Added ability to throw flares.
- Added a minor spark effect on active flares.
- Added new item - Mitchell. You can check what it does in the item info section.
- Fixed ALL bucket boiling sound issues.
- Fixed bucket boiling water way too quickly in specific instances.
- Fixed bucket splashing when it first loads.
- Fixed lighter not using durability.
- Fixed pocket knife not showing during skinning animation.
- Fixed uncapped flare end texture and made it more dynamic.
- Fixed vitamins giving breath boost instead of vitamins effect.
- Land shark sign can now be attached to stick stands (light hooks).
- Lighter refill now has a sound and can also be refilled if the gas can cannot fully refill it.
- Lighter works slightly more realistic (manual sparking, durability decreases while it's active).
- Shark bait can now be matured which makes it a lot more effective at attracting sharks.
- Shark fin now has proper icons and textures for smoked, cooked and spoiled variants.
- Whistle brought back to loot, fixed its previous sound issues.
- Other tiny improvements and fixes.

Mod's future
- At least 1 new construction which will also include 2 old items.
- Improvements - proper flare effect, whistle animation, aiming pre-throw animations. 
- Up to 3 new items.

Old item models and textures belong to Beam Team, all I did was tweak them and bring them back! The completely new ones are mine or an amalgamation of Beam's objects.

Disclaimer: don't boil sea water in a bucket in any real life survival situation and expect it to be drinkable.

Visit the Stranded Wide team Discord!
Note: I do not have access to my Discord account, do not try to contact me there.