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Massive Galaxies is a mod that aims to expand the galaxy size

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Massive Galaxies is a mod that aims to expand the galaxy size, currently it adds galaxy sizes of 3000 stars with 45 civilizations, and 4000 stars with 50 civilizations, if you try to change the amount of civs it will lower it to 39 since the game is hardcoded to allow you to change to a max of 39 but 45 and 50 work just fine.

V1.10 Changelog:

  • Renamed the mod folder from "Massive Galaxy" to "Massive Galaxies"
  • Renamed the mod name on the launcher to "Massive Galaxies (v1.10)"
  • Performed basic testing and marked the file as compatible with Stellaris v1.5

Extract to "Documents\Paradox Interactive\Stellaris\mod” and select the mod in the game’s menu.

Known issues:
  • Not all black holes and asteroids will have names, but they should have numbers. ex: (#3592)
  • The name list I added has alot (~2-3k) of words from a scrabble wordlist I found online (words with the letters "x" "z" and "u") and mixed with a few hundred fantasy names I got from a fantasy name generator, I've deleted some of the names that were the most awkward, and the names seem to fit well enough, though I would like to get a better list but that will take time.