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Overhaul attempt meant to address a few issues with the game. Mostly cut down on time required to reach endgame content.

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This mod requires Stellaris Distant Stars ver. 2.1.0 to work (may work with higher versions but i guess we'll see when they release).
To install the mod you need to extract the contents of the "Stellaris" archive into the game's main folder (for example: D:\Games\Stellaris).
The mod will overwrite all files located within the "common" folder so backing up those files is recommended.

Features include, but are not limited to changes done to the higher limit cap on maximum amount of titans, the effectiveness of planetary bombardment and starbases attack range.
Details are as follows:

-Titans maximum allowed have been increased to a total of 25. 15 by default and an extra titan for every 50 fleet capacity you have. The only limiting factor to an armada of epic proportions is your ability to supply upkeep to sustain it. Makes 100% sense.

-I've looked for every single building or support structure i could find up to and including citadels and i've buffed the attack range bonus. Previous amount was 0.20 units and i've changed that to 0.80. From what i was able to notice during testing is that all buildings and structures attack range has been boosted to cover about 70-80% of the volume of an average sized star system. Defense now makes more sense.

-Orbital bombardment takes an abnormal amount of time to complete (and by complete i mean all the ants below are dead). Well, consider that fixed. What could be compared before to a light rain has now been changed into a hurricane (of bombs)... 

'Selective' stance's previous setting was... why was this even in the game?! It was not worth selecting tbh. I've changed it to inflict about 6 times more damage than before and add a maximum amount of 8 tile blockers. This stance will cause your fleets to stop bombarding when all defenders are dead and they will also spare the last 4 surviving population (just like retail).

'Indiscriminate' stance does what it says on the tin. Boom boom till there's nothing or no one left standing. It will inflict about 60% more damage than selective stance but this time it will have a much higher chance to create holes in the ground without a limit on the amount. It will also have 100% chance to kill a pop per cycle and will not stop bombarding until the last pop is dead.

'Armageddon' is for when you really wish to put holes through a planet just because you don't like the name, and the stuff that happens to live on the surface is just in your way. This stance will inflict double the amount of damage selective stance inflicts, about 8 times the amount the original value (witch was little more than a pebble shower if you ask me), has 100% chance to kill everything living on the surface and it will not stop until they've all met their maker. The planet will then turn into a tomb world, just like retail.

'Raiding' stance. Tbh, i don't think i'll ever use this but the way i see it playing out is that the fleet's main goal here is to take out any defenders as fast as possible and focus on abducting everything they can get their hands on while mostly ignoring infrastructure. I've tried to make my setting reflect that. Minimal damage to planet but highly increased damage to armies and personnel. Pop kill chance and min pops to kill were left like retail.

-'Post Apocalyptic' civic can also use 'Armageddon' bombing stance now. The logic behind it is that they've kinda seen it happen before. They've done it to themselves so why not be able to do it to others too. I've also needed another civic besides 'Fanatical Purifiers' and 'Machine Terminators' to be able to use 'Armageddon', and while i was considering 'Warrior Culture' for a while, i changed my mind and had 'Post Apocalyptic' have it. And seeing as they like living on 'Tomb Worlds', that just means that they're basically terraforming planets while bombing them.. witch is also nice.

-Added 1 point of hull regen per cycle to everything that i could find that had a hull. Event ships and neutral/enemy entities were included in the list as well. The reasoning behind this is that i kept noticing structures and ships that had lowered than maximum hull values and the only way to fix it was to order them to RTB for repairs. It's all well and good, and if you had any modules on those ships that repair hull is even better. But outposts and starbases can't be repaired this way and the only way i found of fixing this is to add 1 hull per cycle repair buff. And since it applies to everything in the game it's perfectly balanced... err, from my perspective anyway.

-Some megastructures had their output but also their upkeep costs increased. One example being the 'Think Tank'. Costs more to maintain but it outputs about 20% more. Witch is good for when you need faster research (i'm all about improving overall game time with these updates and i think it's a bit obvious at this point)

-Megastructure 'Dyson Sphere' when complete will transform planets in 'Tomb Worlds' rather than frozen icicles. The logic behind this is that when a 'Dyson Sphere' is finished it only covers about 80% of the stellar luminosity output and i don't think that's enough to render the planets completely frozen. And stars don't output just light. Gamma rays, x rays and infrared, all these would usually pass through unimpeded between the solar panels and connecting beams that compose a 'Dyson Sphere'. And as you may have guessed it, gamma rays and infrared have heat emission properties so... long story short, planets would have no reason to go completely frozen. Granted the system is alot dimmer than before and 80% less light is very noticeable but that wouldn't prompt the whole system to freeze over. You may also be wondering why Tomb Worlds? Well they're barren, just like the ice worlds, but this time they're colonizable... and terraformable. So the system you now build a 'Dyson Sphere' into is not completely utterly wasted. It's 100% logical, don't argue :D

-Increased repeatable tech research 'Starbase Capacity','Naval Capacity' and 'Naval Command Limit' from 5 to 20. This should give you 15 extra starbases, 300 naval capacity and 150 naval command... I know what you're thinking... OVERKILL. Well no, not really. Not when you find out the hard way that if you uplift a pre-space species via covert infiltration (and they were the Sol humans; just to add insult to injury) and then immediately release them from vassalization and form a research agreement at their request... and then declare war on them because they seemingly expand out of control only to find your 3.5 mil military power fleet 1-shotted by one of their more average stations... well to that i can only say it's not overkill enough. That's what i get for being a spiritualist-militarist-xenophobe and trying to be the nice guy for once.

-Various gameplay related changes were done to the 'defines' file, most notably an increase in max 'Ethic' points from 3 to 4 (witch makes it possible to be 2 fanatic something. before was only possible to be 1 fanatic something and 1 lower stage of something else. or 3 lower stages). I've also increased the max 'Civic' points to 5, witch allows for more government customization. And last but not least i've added a function that allows you to gain up to 10 extra 'Trait' points. Got the idea on how to do this from Prime Nexus's mod so kudos to him for giving Paradox Interactive the what for.

-Added the possibility of constructing multiple megastructures in the same system. It's still expensive as before, it's still time consuming, but this time.. this time the game won't nag you that "Ye can't put that there! There's already some sht in the system 'n stuff, go conquer another one!" Well no more. Now, if you wanna be like me and have everything packed tight in the same system, you can. Join the club, we've got matching .png's...
I've also made "Ringworlds" safe to build inside a pre-colonized system. Before, the planets would just disappear (be consumed in the process of constructing the megastructure, or so the devs say) witch is stupid. Now that doesn't happen anymore.

-Greatly reduced build times for most buildings, starbase upgrades, ship building speeds, planetary buildings and tile blockers as well. By an average of about 40-50% total. I only changed costs for a few megastructures that were painfully expensive, other than that time requirements were greatly improved. It just goes without saying that you may not want to wait decades for your fleet to finish building. That's not cool. Megastructures that were included in this list got about 30-40% time reduction or something like that. And it's still better than before.