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Tutorial on Community Editor 4 by Kia Heilos. Gives a walkthrough on the basics for begginer looking to edit their saves. 

Community Editor is the creation of Heilos and can be used to edit many of the aspects of your community

Community Name
Community Resources
Prestige and Influence 
Time of day
Unlock all Radio Commands
Unlock all Daybreak and Bounty items including closet items
Change character names, traits, skills, looks, clothes, health, stamina
Repair, refuel, or swap out vehicles 
Unlock all map locations 
Add, duplicate, change items, resources and weapons
Mod Ranged weapons to 999 reloadable max stats.
Change some Enclave attributes

All changes made in the Community Editor will transfer to the Xbox via cloud save 
To do so just use the following steps 

Close the game on xbox and PC. 
Load game on PC and saveClose gameLoad editor on PCMake changesSaveClose editorLoad game on PCCheck your changes were actually madeDrop item on floor to saveClose game on PCStart game on xbox if applicable