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This mod now allows you to manipulate your vehicle in different ways using your base parking lot.
Please be sure to read the full description for details!

Permissions and credits
Attention: This is now an integrated mod.
Please download and use the integration feature with Heilos's Mod Manager.
Any version after 2.2.15 will work with this mod.
If you have a mod manager from before, then update it.

It is now buildable in all difficulties.

If you have any of ZOD's parking spot mods installed, Like ZOD's Used Cars they should be at a lower load order.
If you install this mod with any other parking or facility mod, this mod should be in a higher load order.
If done that way, all of the parking spot mods will work at the same time.
By default, the game requires 2 parking spots in a base to function correctly, if you only have one some things won't work. 
If you want facilities to function on the parking spots download the Expand Your Base Mod

Full Description

Parking Lot AIO (all-in-one)

This mod attempts to make the parking lot a useful place to visit.
This mod was previously called "Parking Lot Trade-Ins". I renamed it because it now does much more.
Added new custom icons for my menus.
Changed menus with different categories.

Upgrade Car or Paint Menu

You can now upgrade all vehicles in 'Trade-ins List' into a badass, apocalypse-ready version.
You can now repaint all apocalyptic vehicles.

Vehicle Downgrades Menu

You can now craft custom Downgrade Kits to player or vehicle, your option.
You now have the option to downgrade an "Upgraded Apocalyptic Vehicle" to its original models using Downgrade Kits. (color may change)

Vehicle All-In-One Menu

- Regular Stuff (not changed)
- Craft Road Flares (25 stacks)
- Vehicle Upgrade Kits (more realistic costs)
- Vehicle Downgrade Kits (all new custom item)
- Repair Engine Damage
- Repair Exterior Damage
- Refuel Vehicle
- Sell Light, Medium and Heavy Vehicles
- Sell Light, Medium and Heavy Apocalyptic Vehicles
- Paint Vehicles (all 19 with 5 variations)

Vehicle Trade-ins Menu

It allows you to replace your current vehicle with one of 37 vehicles from the 'Trade-ins List'.
The trade-ins list has all new icons for the vehicles in it. (I made them with ue4 engine custom for my mod.)

Vehicle List:
- Vagabond
- Desperado
- Road Racer
- Road Racer MX
- Brogan Rapscallion
- Brogan Trekker
- Brogan Sport
- Survey Car
- Royale
- Police Cruiser
- Taxi
- Military Truck
- Miragra
- Miragra NT
- Rhames V
- Utility Truck
- Ambulance
- Cargo Van
- Repair Van
- News Van
- Passenger Van
- Maximillian
- Legendre
- Norma
- Pilato
- Pilato CR
- Pilato CR (RedTalon)
- Ranger SUV
- Trumbull 4x4

New Vehicles List:
- Brogan Rapscallion (Pizza Cat)
- Brogan Rapscallion (Anime Team)
- Golf Cart
- Miragra (Barbed Heart)
- Miragra (Flaming Demon)
- Pilato (Kraken)
- Rhames V (Tiger Claw)
- Vagabond (Gambler)
- Wizard Van

I didn't add any of the vehicles from the radio menu because I think vehicles like the Burninator and Bloodmobile are worth keeping.

I added 1 Mod Slot, just encase you want to add something else.
If I missed anything, I'm sure you'll find it. Enjoy...

Special thanks go out to ZOD C 137 from discord State of Decay 2 Modding channel for helping me with modding.

T1MANIAC Donation


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Windows Users:

The Steam/Epic location is a kind-of "universal" path that the MS version will occasionally use.
Make sure to also check there, if you cannot find/don't have the MS path listed above.

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