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This mod makes your game much harder. Nightmare zone difficulty only. 4 expert players recommended.

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Future update features
I don't think people(normal players) actually can enjoy this mod even though some of my co-op players said it was best mod they've ever seen(they lost some of their characters). I'll try to make this mod to be more enjoyable.
There are some features that I want to add on to this mod later.

*much more sturdy cars.
*Bloater gases are much more lethal
*much harder to deal with plague hearts.
*better reward or easier to maintain community
*difficulty increases as game progresses (it is partially applied in current version)
*increasing or decreasing health of zombies. And increasing or decreasing size of hordes.


Simply, delete the files from where  you have installed this mod.


This mod makes your game much harder. Nightmare zone difficulty only. 4 expert players recommended (including yourself).
Horde spawn rate increased. Horde size rebalanced.

This mod works properly only in Nightmare zone difficulty.

Installation Guide:
Same as every other mod's installation.
Put 'Cooked' folder into the directory below.

Epic & Steam users

*For Steam users, need to change the folder name 'WindowsNoEditor' into 'UWP' in 'Cooked' folder.
Not sure about Epic users. Maybe same as Steam.

Windows users


Unless you don't use any spawn related mod, and it doesn't say it is overwriting your files when you install this mod, it'll be compatible with all other mods. And it is compatible with your save files.

Recommendations and warnings:
I recommend you to start a new game with 3 other expert players. If you load your savefile with this mod, your sanctuary will likely experience unprecedented total destruction.

I'm sorry to say this but I'm not responsible for your character's permanent death or your friends' or your co-op strangers' who stop by you accidentally. And your sanctuary. And your mental health.

I hope you enjoy this mod.