State of Decay 2
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About this mod

Compatible Game Version: Juggernaut Edition v18.1 (Official Game Version ONLY)

v2.4 Gameplay overhaul over 1500+ files edited.

Permissions and credits

Keep in mind there're too many small changed here and there, most changed are not writen because some are repeat/small fix/description edited.
- Aim to boost the gameplay, slightly more indepthing, balancing or at least increasing the fun. Not suitable for player who enjoy cheat/3rd party.
- More than half of mod changed are suggestion from other players, if you have any intereating idea you're welcome to share.
- Made in AIO style, due to the inconvenient of SoD2 modding method, so check full changelog detail before download, everythings is written.
- Adjusted gameplay difficulty: (Facilities/description/item stack/weight/timer will affected all zone as they used the same data files)
--> Green Zone/Standard Zone/Daybreak, nothing changed.
--> Dread Zone, slightly increased difficulty, especially blood plagues. (Slightly closer to Vanilla's Nightmare Zone)
--> Nightmare Zone, increased difficulty, more variety and larger horde, blood plague are extremely deadly. (More like a Nightmare)
--> Heartland Storymode, slightly decreased difficulty for story enjoyment, but overall nothing much changed.

(Latest!!) v2.4 Full Long Changelog!!

Main Feature(In Short Only, v2.4 updated!!)
- Added A LOT detailed description to most(dlc included) items/facility/mod, with color.. (Example, 'Removes Fatigue...' to 'Removes -100 Fatigue.. last 20minute' etc..)
- Buff some unique skills. (To make all them not totally worthless..)
- All Storage related space has been DOUBLE.
- Base Outpost limit increase from 2/3/4 to 2/4/6.
- All Resource Outpost produce amount has been DOUBLE. (Food, Meds, Materials, Ammo, Fuel)
- Removed the leader requirement for all 12 building. (Field Hospital, Armory, Sniper Tower, Trade Depot still need a Stats Book to build, buy-able from trader)
- Improved all possible Build-in facility, most of them has slightly better buff than their counter-part-facility. (To increase the value of every small base)
- Increase the NPC visible limit and radius around player by x5. (You can see all your survival in your base, or see farther NPC, this works to all NPC)
- Balancing or Buff a lot facility activate skill. (To make them worth using or reasonable, for example, Sawmill 45minute afterwork noise penatlies has been removed, simply unreasonable imo.)
- Fixed a few small bug or missing crafting recipe.
- Reduce most buff timer by 1 second so it looks much better/tidy, because strangely the game think 300 seconds was 6 minutes and 299 seconds was 5 minutes. (Example, '+1 Morale for 31 minutes' to '+1 Morale for 30 minutes'. Yes you lost 1 second of the buff/debuff, but seriously 1 second for much cleaner description.. I would totally love it)
- (v2.2) This update included a few custom skills and a lot buff for all build-able, most built-in facility (built-in counter-part will has  slightly different/better buff) and all outpost, (HEARTLAND STORY MODE FACILITY are NOT INCLUDED, because I haven't start it yet and I don't wanna do anything to spoil the fun without knowing how was it.)
- (v2.2) Blood Plague are slightly more deadly for both Hard/Nightmare mode, plague zombie infect you faster and cure require more resource to craft.
- (v2.2) Craft-able textbook for 8 Community Skills and 4 Basic Skill, all are base on the garden textbook style, you can craft them from different T1 building but it's not cheap, you still better be looting/buying from npc.
- (v2.2) Removed about 200+ unused files and added about 300+ new edited files.
- (v2.2) Power and Water are now equal. (Clean water should have much value than electricity, not to mention in a zombie apocalypse..)
- (v2.2) You can now earn 'some' Prestige from normal playthrough without wasting time grinding or cheating.
- (v2.2) Realign most active and passive skills of facility. (For better/tidy view)
- (v2.2.5) Compatible with Update 16. (All related mod files has been reworded and updated with latest files)
- (v2.2.5) Extended Mission Timer. (To a reasonable duration)
- (v2.2.5) Plague are much deadly, without any buff you take 1 bite +1 hit (nightmare) to receive blood plague. (Just like tutorial, plague are deadly)
- (v2.2.5) Reverted Surgery. (With update 16 data file been re-worked, Surgery value is untouch)
- (v2.2.5) Fixed the 7th hidden facility mod ability issue.
- (v2.2.5) Fixed some bug/overlook, balancing, edited/added/polished more description.
- (v2.3) Adjusted stack size/weight/value of item for some items and ammunition.
- (v2.3) Heartland facility, description, fixed some conflict with main campaign.
- (v2.3) Fixed 6 new added craft-able facility mod on T2 workshop.
- (v2.3) Increase Base Survivor Cap, from 9 to 12.
- (v2.3) Beds facility buff, built-in included. (Frustration Recovery Rate ONLY 'slowing down' frustration, it won't fully stop a frustrated survivor.)
- (v2.3) Infestation spawn x2 slower, but spawned hoard is larger and has a low chance to spawn crawler/armored/bloater/feral/jugger.
- (v2.3) Balanced all 4 Legacy Boon. (So they could all have 'similiar or considerable value')
- (v2.3) Improved Fatigue & Morale system.
- (v2.3) Improved most facilities interacting text. (Example: 'View Beds' > 'View Barracks 2') (Built-In & Heartland are included)
- (v2.3) Description for map choosing menu & legecy boon menu. (More info & better understanding)
- (v2.3) Re-check most files. (Including fixing overlook, polishing description, and balancing.)
- (v2.4) Compatible version up to Update 18.1. (All mod related files has been reworked and updated with latest files)
- (v2.4) Improved Plague Heart overall experience. (More challenging and less punchingbag fight)
- (v2.4) Improved Map & Minimap. (More convenience/useful map, and further range minimap)
- (v2.4) Added 1 Secret Recruitable Survivor. (Please let me know if you found and recruited me)
- (v2.4) Training Manual & Daybreak Facility Prefab now provides option to learn unique Heartland & Daybreak skills.
- (v2.4) Balanced more Item Stack and Weight. (More convenience since vehicle stack doesn't work, and slightly realistic weight)
- (v2.4) Improved more facility. (Example, solar array can be upgrade, infirmary T3 split to 2 category upgrade)
- (v2.4) Increased overall spawn amount and added 4 & 7 new horde spawn variety for Dread & Nightmare Zone.

Known Issue (Update18.1 (v2.4)) (If you found some bug please make sure it was mod-bug before posting a report, thanks!)
The game data files itself are very messy, a lot of cut-content and unused/outdated files.
- Some interesting cut-content. (Some fixed and re-used, or untouch/unfound)
- A lots of small bug which only found in file but hardly noticeable in-game. (Some fixed and re-used, some untouch/unfound)
- Some noticeable but rarely bug, most of them can be found by post of other player on forum or reddit. (Few fixed and re-used, some unfound)
- Update 17+ Vehicle following player when driving, vanilla bug.
- Update 18+ Weird unknown trigger audio when you moving around your screen, and sometimes sorting your inventory, vanilla bug.
- (v2.4) T1 Infirmary cannot be cancel after you start building it. (Will remove this note if this was fix, right now I have no clue)

Windows Long Path Error Solution.
- Before extract, try put the "SoD2 - Gameplay Overhaul" file into installing folder, and extracting it with '7-Zip'.
If above doesn't work, try solution shared by Rathearia

Compatibility with other mod

As long as 2 mod doesn't use the same file, they should works fine.
But if there is any file asking for replace, it mean it does NOT compatible.
Solution: Either merge both file or choose only one.. sorry it just how sod2 modding was.
(If you're using other mod, make sure to check if there is any same file 'from other mod' that need to replace, because you might get
confuse when it ask you to replace something while doing copy/paste without knowing which file was it)

- This mod used un-packing files:
Because a lot of player has been requesting it, as a AIO mod, so that they can edit a few here and there to suit their taste, if they ever wan't to. There shouldn't be any obviously downside for using un-packed files, and there should slightly faster for loading time, depands on your pc, but it usually won't be noticeable as something like 0~0.5 sec, but un-packing files are always larger size.
- Will this mod made into separated files:
No, I won't take another 100 hours just to do satisfy strangers, as I already spent over 300 hours on the mod alone already. (No offense..)
- What editing tool I use for modding SoD2:
I been using HxD tool since v2.1, please do keep in mind, even tho HxD can edit everything inside SoD2 file atm, as long as you could understand them, it's not recommended if you're unfamiliar with it.

Installation (7-Zip are recommended)
- Make sure always Back Up your savefile or folder, especially if you're new to modding, just in case for whatever reason.
- Extract files into your ...\Saved\ folder. (It should looks like this, "..\Saved\Cooked\..")

- Remember to delete custom chatacters/items, they shouldn't cause serious bug, but they properly will not longer work or disappeared.
- Delete the Cooked folder inside your "..\Saved\.." folder.

Folder Location
Windows Microsoft Store Version: %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.Dayton_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Local\StateOfDecay2\Saved\
Steam Version: %LocalAppData%\StateOfDecay2\Saved\

Special Thanks

Everyone who been sharing suggestion. (Sincerely.. just too many name, I'm sure I remember some of you!!)
NotRems for helping to test the mod.
alphonseonana for sharing a video.
KriptoneHD for sharing this mod gameplay.