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Removes scouting ranges from Scouting and adds Lightweight Carry Limit and Stealth Sprinting.

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For those of you who downloaded versions 1.0 - 1.2 sorry for the issues in the first few hours of release, just trying to be like the big name game companies as of late! (joking of course).  This mod is now fully functional, for any issues with it, the best way to reach me is in the mod discord listed below. 

I made this mod with players who do not use a compass in mind, but anyone can take advantage of it!  None of the enemy detection and scouting ranges help players who choose to play without a mini-map.  I decided to add the Lightweight Carry Limit from Discipline and Stealth Sprinting from Stealth.  I feel these both follow the theme of scouting and I'm considering additional changes to this as well as other skills so throw recommendations in the comments! Also I'm working on a mod to change all traits that give you scouting range such as Audio Engineer as well as changing the radio command for Rooftop Recon to follow this no mini-map theme.

You will start Scouting with the Stealth Sprinting  and +15 Light Carry and once its maxed you will be given +30 Light Carry Limit increase. 

For other Lethal orientated mods check out my mods page!

If you are using multiple mods I recommend downloading and using Heilos's Mod Manager.

This mod was only made possible by fellow creators and you can find us in the SoD2 Modding Discord, thanks everyone!