State of Decay 2
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This utility allows you to build a set of survivors to start a new community who possess the traits you desire while weeding out traits you despise.

You can use this tool to make an awesome starter team, or to make your life more difficult. Your choice.

Permissions and credits
Read this file carefully before trying to use this utility.

1.6 changes:
Added BATTLE ROYALE MODE: profiles duke it out for dominance!

1.5 changes:
moved ocrfixes to separate file, I didn't like them cluttering up the config file
exposed HPFilterVal variable for the high pass filter
changed behavior of the mouse a bit, now it will pause if you manually move the mouse away from the reroll button
renamed MouseMoveWait to MouseEventWait

1.4 changes:
moved ocr fixes to the end of the config file, rather than being hard-coded, so if you notice a mistake appearing on your specific computer, you can add it
added support for 1280x960 resolution, which is 4:3 for those of you who don't get 16:9 options for whatever reason
added option for people who want to search for skills and don't care about the traits involved

1.3 changes:
some performance improvements
it tries to automatically move the game window to the corner for you and bring it to front of window stack
removed need to surround trait and skill names with quotes in config file
notice: trait and skill names now have to be exact matches, rather than substrings
example: 'lichen' used to work, but now it has to be 'lichenologist'
added a number of configuration options to the config file, including ability to define parameters for custom game window resolutions

First, you may need to install or update Microsoft Visual C runtime.
I provided a recent copy of their redistributable binary in the folder vc_redist.

Second, you may need to install an updated version of Java

Third, you need to modify the SoD2_ideal_community.cfg file. Use Notepad or Wordpad, it's just an ascii text file.

Most of the settings should be fairly obvious, but here's the general idea:

The program runs for (RunMins + RunSecs) and tries to build characters for you to start your community.

The MouseEventWait setting is to make sure that the Windows UI registers the mouse event before the next click attempt.

Too small a number here means mouse clicks will be asynchronous to the OCR functions, and the program won't work right.

ScaleFactor is used by the OCR code to upscale images before trying to do text retrieval. At lower resolutions, this can help improve accuracy.

DoSharpen instructs the program to convolve a sharpen mask over the image before text retrieval. At lower resolutions, this can help improve accuracy.

DoOCRCleanup performs a series of corrections to fix common mistakes and mispellings.

HPFilterVal is the minimum rgb value required for a pixel to be considered "not noise".

DoPromptToContinue will prompt you after the program completes if there are still open character slots.

SlotsUnavailable means you want the program to ignore those character slots when rolling characters.

ProfilesComplete forces the program to think one or more of your character profiles have already been completed.

The system used to match traits and pick survivors has changed a bit. The new system allows a lot more flexibility than the previous one.

Now you create TraitProfiles which define various kinds of character you'd be happy with.

A TraitProfile is simply a group of Lists which contain trait information that you want to look for. In this group, each List name must be preceded by a '+' or '-' character, which determines whether the traits in that list are good or bad.

Good traits are required for the character to have. Bad traits are those which disqualify a survivor.

As an example, a single TraitProfile looks something like: +listname1+listname2-listname3

You create multiple TraitProfiles and separate them by commas on the TraitProfiles line.

Lists are what they sound like, a list of traits. However, you also give it a name and number. The list name is used in TraitProfiles to identify it. The number tells the
program how many traits from this list are needed for success, if a good list; or how many cause a survivor to be disqualified, if a bad list.

A list looks something like: name;number;trait1,trait2,trait3

Custom game window resolution support:

I also exposed some configuration options so that you can use resolutions in other than 16:9 ratio.

Now, how do you actually use this thing?

Once the config file is set:
A. Start State of Decay 2
B. Set it to windowed mode, pick one of the 16:9 ratio resolutions, or 1280x960, or define custom ui parameters for your preferred resolution
C. Go to Manage Communities
D. Select an Empty community
E. Select Skip Tutorial
F. Once the window changes to show three prospective survivors, execute the SoD2_ideal_community.bat batch file

If you move the mouse while the program is running, it will pause until you move it back over the re-roll button it is targeting.

The utility moves and clicks your mouse for you, automating the survivor selection process.

If the program terminates before getting all 3 survivors set up, just re-run the batch file again, remembering to move it away from overlapping with State of Decay

It should not overwrite good characters it found before, it will simply re-roll 'bad' characters.

However, it is possible, if you're unlucky, for the OCR code to make a small error and not recognize a set of traits it previously had.

So it is advised that after the program runs, to set the SlotsUnavailable variable and block slots that have characters you want to make sure to keep.