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Install this mod in a parking spot to build a 'Vehicle Stacker'.

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Vehicle Stacker Facility Mod

Install this mod in a parking spot to build a Vehicle Stacker.

This mod replaces the Generic Shelving Unit Facility Mod with a Vehicle Stacker Facility Mod.

NOTE: Bladed vehicles should be backed in for best results...
NOTE: This mod requires the latest version of my custom parking mod or any of ZOD C 137 parking mods to function.

Parking Lot AIO

Stacks up to 6 vehicles in a custom building at your base.
Press NUMPAD 0 to activate the stacker once built.

How to use:
Drive a vehicle into the center slot of the stacker.
Exit the vehicle and the stacker building.
Activate the stackers mechanical mechanism with NUMPAD 0 keybinding.
Repeat this process until full.

NOTE: Mashing on the keybinding while in operation has been locked out...
NOTE: You can install multiple stacker mods in parking spots but you only get one stacker... Bonuses however are a yes...

I have included a second version as an optional download that is just the stacker frame as it was requested.
Please only use one or the other... not both at the same time...

T1MANIAC Donation
Check out my mods. [T1maniac's Mods]


Extract the ZIP and Place the pak file in the following directory

Epic and Steam Users:

Windows Users

IF YOU OWN THE MS STORE VERSION, YOU MIGHT STILL HAVE TO USE THE EPIC/STEAM LOCATION! The Steam/Epic location is a kind-of "universal" path that the MS
version will occasionally use. Make sure to also check there, if you
cannot find/don't have the MS path listed above.

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