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this my mod that i have been working on for the past 2 days in the vid you will see the lifeline dlc gun the assult rifle xm8 i have edited in the main game and life line to be the god gun it as the power and sound of the big 50 cal rifles that explode zeds in one hit well now i have made it were i can make any gun have that power without the massive kickback and also the bonus of having rapid fire and also just cause its like the 50cal doesnt mean you need 50cal ammo oh no i also made it where i can use any ammo and still have all that power i have not fully finished the mods yet but soon as im done i will share with the world

made by nero89

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  1. ferhatyildirim
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    nice demo preview of the mod.. took my interest.
    -Im aware its not finished but, where can I DL it at this stage?

    Thanks for sharing clip with us

    -by the way, I found the made in China one where the 700hunter riffle requires 50cal + has no recoil. your mod may be great with it together
  2. jakethomas97
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    joly crap!