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This mod fixes the contrast level in the game, which is the cause for the very solid shadows and very dark interiors in State of Decay.

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The Realistic Shadows Mod


Although the game is renowned for its beautiful and interesting gameplay, it has a visual problem:
The contrast level (the balance of lights and shadows) in the game is way too big, making anything more difficult to see, even during the midday. Yes, this is a survival horror game, but this doesn't mean we couldn't be able to see through the shadows during the day! The survivors are forced to use their flashlights even if the interiors have windows, the sky is bright and the sunlight is strong. Some people increase the Gamma level in the game's Options Menu, in an attempt to deal with the game's contrast issues. But higher Gamma doesn't fix these issues. It just makes the game brighter than it could be.
So here my mod comes: it deals with the core of the contrast problem, and thus, allows the gamers enjoy their game without tiring their eyes too much.


The sun and the sky in State of Decay are powerful and very bright, and yet the surface remains very dark. Shadows, buildings, interiors, and generally what is not hit by the sun, is way too dark even at midday! Shadows are very solid black sometimes, and the interiors of buildings are too dark, even if there are windows on all four walls. This forces you to use your flashlight even if it is not night. Overall, these issues make it difficult for the gamer's eyes to adapt to a such big contrasted environment, where the balance between brightness and darkness is broken. All these problems can really make our gaming life a lot harder than it should be. So here my mod comes: it brings you a more realistic world where there a true balance between brightness and darkness has been restored. With this mod, your gameplay immersion rises to new levels! This is not a cheat mod and its purpose is not to make you survive easier. The mod's purpose is just to bring the game's visual realism to new levels!

Note: This mod uses SweetFX to make the visual changes to your game. SweetFX however may have impact to your game's performance as it is resource-demanding!


No new game is required. The mod is safe to use with old savegames!


No requirements. This is a standalone mod.


This mod is fully compatible with any other mods out there.


Just place the contents to the .../State of Decay Folder.


Just remove the contents from the .../State of Decay Folder.


- Credits to - the author of SweetFX v1.5.1.
- Credits to SilentResident for actually creating this mod.


Tools used to create this mod:
- Notepad++


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Enjoy your game!