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A Lonewolf Mod for State of Decay
Lonewolf is a new game mode built off the basis of Breakdown created with the intent of putting intense emphasis on the game's immersion of helplessness, uncertainty, and chaos making the struggle to keep your community alive and sane much more difficult by applying raising pressure onto player. What seve

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To be the most up to date on lonewolf and be able to reach me personally best check out the discord! 

 Lonewolf Discord Link:

Lonewolf is a new game mode built off the basis of Breakdown created with the intent of putting intense emphasis on the game's immersion of helplessness, uncertainty, and chaos making the struggle to keep your community alive and sane much more difficult by applying raising pressure onto player. What severely differentiates Lonewolf from the original game’s community played gameplay is that the player is only allowed play and control the actions of a single survivor in a group of apocalyptic citizens.

Designing The World

The ambitious goal of Lonewolf was to design an intense and immersive single survivor sandbox game mode; replacing breakdown. State of Decay never truly underlined the foundation of helplessness and pressured struggle throughout its amazing gameplay, Lonewolf profoundly focuses on this concept. In order to accomplish these goals, Lonewolf has created a choreography of survivalist struggles - Pressure is constantly applied to the player, hopes become superficial, and creating yields for the player.

The World

Lonewolf focuses primarily on the world around, manipulating loot, zombies, and survivors. Supplies in the world are depleted, specifically fuel, food, and ammo. Firearms and Melee weapons are distributed in an advanced and unpredictable manner, but ammo to support gunfire is in jeopardy. It may be days before you encounter a decent stash of ammo locked up in some random household on the side of the map. Edible food is severely scarce in the world, finding nothing but empty wrappers; your efforts just to support yourself through the apocalypse could potentially become a full time job, not to mention any of the other hungry mouths at home if you have any.
Survivors are rarely encountered in the world, obtaining them in itself a difficult feat to accomplish. More survivors mean greater potential for home facilities like building, crafting, and supporting, but it also brings more drama into play. Without other survivors, the player has no options to build facilities at home like a medical tent. Making your options when sick or hurt very limited.

The Undead
Zombie hordes roam the land in various sizes, ranging from only a select few to groups covering entire town blocks. Slow zombies creep around and are in need of constant lookout, on the other hand, infected are loud and rambunctious.

Freak nests often occur, increasing the world population of that freak type until the nest is taken out. However, these nests are highly dangerous, surrounded by zombies and freaks of that nest type. High risk, high reward.

Feral zombies roam the world and can be found in large packs, ambushing the player. The player will need to escape the fast animalistic beasts by running, jumping, climbing, vaulting, and rolling, or just barely making it the car to escape the pack and ride off into the detrimental sunset.


Survivors may become spiteful towards each other and refuse to work together while some can fall into depression, becoming unresponsive and aloof due to emotional finite, rarely get anything productive done.

The story of your survivor begins when the player is spawned randomly into the world. You must travel the land in search for a location to set up your new base and begin anew for your lonesome survivor. Zombies travel the valley, hordes of many sizes roam the streets, and packs of ferals lurk for unlucky souls to ambush.

You set up your new base, awaiting the hell you’re about to face every step of the way. Midway through the day you start feeling odd and tired. You have become sick. Between searching for supplies and having no fellow survivors, you don’t have the time to build a medical area. You play your odds. Days go by and you are still weak in energy from sickness. Even food doesn’t replenish the dreadful fatigue to get through an entire day without having to head home and rest. At long last, your sickness goes away. How you managed to fight and survive out there with ravaging hordes and bloodthirsty ferals is a mystery, perhaps even a miracle. You are back to life! Energy flowing through you, you’re ready to go out and face the world. However, your food supply is drastically low, all this running around searching for supplies and fighting off zeds have taken out the calories of your survivor; you go hungry.

You miraculously have managed to get by the day, but the worst is yet to come; as night falls over the valley, darkness possess your safety. Night's are dark and infested with dangers everywhere as your sense of sight has been suppressed.




Lonewolf comes with a small handful of new survivors as heros.

Survivor bonuses have been manipulated and later planning to create character stat randomization for health and stamina.

New characters:
Molly Ferral - A Parkour enthusiast that used to ring bells throughout a town to lure zeds away,
Abby Sears - A young, sensitive individual who was very dependent on others around
Jenna Sears - Independent ambivert who handles herself well.
Amber Sears - A caring soul who grew up taking care of her little sisters
Avaline Archer - A master in the arts of supply scavenging
Jade Aldemire - Used to be part of some kind of secret organization. Special ops?
Stephanie Davis - A young college student who dreams of opening her own gym franchise one day
Franky Doyle - Prisoner from Australia that escaped and found her way to trumbell after this all hit


-Major changes to Soundtrack to deliver a more retrospective feel
-Police station now contains an AirSiren that will rarely play
-Car Radio Ads have been added
-Zombies do more damage to cars
-Dead Survivors can be found in the world
-Flies can be seen swarming zombies occasionally
-Fly sounds are prominent when near the living dead
-Awat zombies added
-Killing army and swat zombies now lower the population of them
-ALL Instances of Lilly Has been removed

>Running speed of the player has been increased to cope with feral pack
>Fire power of ammunition have been increased just enough to headshot kill ferals
>Various changes to firearms
>Various changes to melee weapons
>Ability to chose multiple specializations; however, there are limits

>The player will now begin all instances of Breakdown as a solo survivor.
>A small handful of new characters
>All traces of Lily has been removed from the game mode.
>Enclaves are relatively silent and difficult to encounter.
>Enclave missions are only executable when you discover the member in the open world.
>Survivors are encountered randomly in the world and are able to be recruited when found.
>Time spent exploring causes food supply to deplete at a relatively slow rate
>When food is low player will receive an Malnourished trait, lowering health and stamina
>When food is depleted, player can receive the "Hunger: Starving" status

Loot System:
>Entire loot system has been redone to establish a “passing of time” feel to an apocalyptic world.

>Weapons of all sorts have the potential to be encountered anywhere
>High-End throwables can be found in houses
>Ammo and food are severely depleted
>Resources value amounts for all resources has been decreased
>B.O.B.s can be found in the world [WARNING: Break these open, do NOT bring them to your base like a normal resource]
>Useless supplies can be found in containers like empty wrappers, papers, rusty tools, etc, making the player have to manually search a container to an extent.

>Entirely new game soundtrack
>Integrated a new, dynamic music system
>Various new music events
>More dynamic zed sounds
>Screamers now possess more distinctive screams
>Ferals have a larger vocal variation; terrifying.
>A vast amount of Nature soundFX have been created
>Manipulated gore sounds to implement sound variance
>New Voice soundFX for character, Stephanie Davis
>Numerous dialog has been created for certain events
>New dialog applied to events:
-Feral Pounce
-Fleeing from a horde
-Fighting a group of zombies
-Inside a house
-Inside a looted house
-Fleeing from a pack of ferals
-and more

>Screamers, when burned, will scream and alert opposing zeds.
>Ferals have a roaming variant.

>Freak infestations will spawn, increasing the density of that freak type until the infestation is exterminated.
>Cleo missions are constant and not limited
>Feral ambush missions occur, players must run for their life

TIPS and Knowledge: How to Survive

Nightfall is DARK, and darkness yanks away your sense of sight, leaving you to rely on a flashlight for vision. Time your actions carefully, as day time offers the safety of sight.
Accomplish this mission now or take it later at night and risk it expiring?
Receive this Cleo now, or wait for morning and risk a higher zombie density?
Go on a run now or do this task? 
Plan your actions carefully, NIGHT IS DANGEROUS and TIME IS VALUABLE
Flares are great for nighttime zombie killing 

Zombie Density:
In Lonewolf, there's a new feature: Zombie Level Density. Overtime in each level, zombie density will increase. Essentially, the longer you stay on a level, the more plentiful the zombies become. TIME IS VALUABLE!!!
Spend your time wisely, will you spend the beginning of a level searching for Food or for other resources?
Will you search for survivors now? or Later? Time is Valuable!

Food Is extremely scarce in Lonewolf, food is valuable and keeps your character in their best shape. Stockpiling food early in a level is safer then searching for it later once the world becomes more dangerous; however, food will inevitably run out, and you'll be forced to search for more food later in a level.
Search for food and be healthy now and search for food again once the world becomes more dangerous? Or Deal with hunger early and be vulnerable, and stockpile later in the game and take less food runs?
Remember, A little still isn't zero
Don't take anything for granted and appreciate anything you find, better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it

Zombies will inevitably become dense. To cope with this be sure to use every tactic possible, IMPROVISE!

Firecrackers are great for "herding" dense zombies into one section of an area a and maneuver an area without trouble. 
Flares are temporary zombie distractions.
Use distractions: Dolls, Clocks, Kitchen Timers, Firecrackers, Flares, explosions; these are very useful once the world becomes dense.

Learn to Fight
Zombies are gonna crowd you eventually, learning to properly fight if essential. Learn to Dodge and Attack efficiently.

In order for Lonewolf to properly function, the audio file must be downloaded here:

To Install Audio, Place the "Sounds" folder in the "Game" Folder so it's in the same destination as Levels, Libs, Animations, Objects, ect.