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(For Breakdown games): No move in requirements, more storage space, hold 90 ammo per slot, suppressors greatly improved, cost to hire a follower significantly reduced

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Mod features:

1. No move-in requirements for bases. You can move into any base you want, right away, regardless how many people you have or how many construction supplies you have. Move straight from the RV to Snyder's Trucking Warehouse if you want!

2. Storage limits for resources have been increased at every base--now you can store more resources, including at the RV.

3. Carry more ammo-- instead of limited to stacks of 30, you can carry stacks of 90. Ammo weight reduced to 0.

4. The durability of suppressors have been improved. Improvised suppressors last 100 shots, handcrafted suppressors last 200 shots, and machined suppressors last 250 shots.

5. The cost to request someone follow you and watch your back has been reduced from 100 to 5.



-This will only work for State of Decay YOSE for Breakdown games only.

-This mod is compatible with other mods that don't change the items, homesizelimts, and rsdata files.

-You can see the changes immediately. No need for a new game.


To install:

1. Download and extract the folder "YOSE Fewer Restrictions" onto the desktop.

3. Open the folder "YOSE Fewer Restrictions". It'll show a folder named "Game". This is the file you'll eventually drag and drop a copy of into the YOSE 
State of Decay folder.

4. Locate your YOSE State of Decay folder. For me, it was found by opening up Program Files (x86), then Steam, then SteamApps, and then common. When you open up the common folder, it'll show you all your Steam games, including a folder named "State of Decay YOSE".

4. Drop a copy of my "Game" folder into the "State of Decay YOSE" folder you have open in the common folder. It'll ask whether you want to merge my game folder with State of Decay YOSE's game folder--click yes. Then, depending on whether you already have mods or not, it'll ask if you want to replace certain files--say yes. If it asks if you want to copy and replace a file, say yes.

5. Start up a game! If you don't see the changes, that meant it likely got installed incorrectly. The  key is the game needs the files in a precise location or else it won't see them, so recheck your steps and install again.

6. Enjoy!


To Uninstall:

To uninstall, you need to delete "" and "" from the rts folder (State of Decay YOSE/game/libs/class3.1/rts), and the "items" folder in class3.1.