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Name: Nag No More YOSE
Version: 1.00
Release Date: May-2015
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)
Release Thread

Stops Lily from constantly nagging the player about those 1001 things to do right this very minute.

A new game is not required. Works for both Storymode and Breakdown.

No original audio files are included. I made some silent files and renamed them to the filenames I wanted to mute. Hence the small download size.

New in the YOSE version - file which is an easier way of removing the radio crackle as well as muting anything missed in the first one. Both the silent audio files and the scenes file are best used together.

There's an Optional folder in the download. It contains my version of the mod which mutes everything that annoys me. This includes your community members whinging over a lack of resources (even when there are plenty). Now the only time they comment on home stuff is when things are going great.
Another one is the useless comments your followers make when they're following you (and enclave people when you're on the way to a mission) - "Zombies on our right!" "Better keep moving we've got zombies behind us." etc. The stuff you already know because you play with one eye on your mini map and can already see them.
No more excessive yapping over setting up an outpost or moving into a homesite. It's instant.
I don't remember what else is included. Play with the first one and if something is annoying replace it with the one in the Optional folder and I may have removed it. If not, I can always do another version if scenes.xml has the lines in it. Sometimes it doesn't.

21-02-2016: Added another variant version by request (for Breakdown). It removes everyone's stories. The XML is included.

I don't have YOSE installed anymore (it kept crashing a GPU driver) so if there are any other variants requested I may not be able to do them. I don't really play SoD anymore, either.

Not compatible with Lifeline.

Before loading the game to play Lifeline you'll need to remove all dialogue files in this mod.
Alternatively, you could do as I do:
Navigate to the following directory and hide the files from the game:

1. Navigate to Game--dialog--class3
2. Create a New Folder, rename it if you wish. I don't bother.
3. Select all mod files and drag them into the New Folder
4. This hides them from the game, temporarily 'uninstalling' it.
5. Load the game, select Lifeline and happily play with no silent people :-)

If you don't either remove or hide the files many dialog lines spoken by almost everyone will be mute, unless you have subtitles on you'll have no idea of VIP missions, or supply runs, or freak hunts, etc.
As this mod was made a while back, and only to gag Lily, I won't be 'fixing' it for Lifeline.

Mod Conflicts:
Incompatible with QMJS Extended Functions Mod

Minor Discrepancies:
Subtitles have not been edited/removed. I can remove them but, as I always play with subtitles off, it's never bothered me.

State of Decay YOSE - Storymode and/or Breakdown.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. You'll end up with a folder named Game (plus this Readme file)
3. Open it and copy the contents to - Steam--SteamApps--common--State of Decay YOSE--Game

Delete the dialog folder within the Game directory.
Delete the file in Game--libs--class3.1--contentmanager

Tools Used:

My Other Mods:

My mods are not to be re-uploaded onto other sites without my permission. Likewise for "editing," "fixing," then re-uploading.