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Added: 30/08/2014 - 05:45PM
Updated: 12/10/2015 - 10:51AM

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Alright, hi guys. So, I've been thinking about this for a while and decided to go through with it with the help of various people throughout the SoD modding community (see Credits).

What is it so far?

Here's a list of changes in this version:

Story, Breakdown & Lifeline:
-Vehicle inventories changed for more realistic space.
-Killing freaks grants a small amount of influence and wits XP.
-Penalties for Cardio and Wits have been decreased to more reasonable but still annoying levels.
-Mount Tanner Bridge Fixed.
-Fixed the missing personalities for YOSE characters.
-Parking Spots can be removed to build more facilities.
-Renamed Firebombs to Molotov Cocktails and Petrol Bombs to Fuel Bombs, along with many other name and description changes.
-Added a couple recipes (Mostly in breakdown).
-Tweaked ammunition stack sizes.
-Backpacks renamed with identifiers to be replaced with descriptions.
-Allowed both a Melee and Firearm specialization (A recreation of SilentAssassin's mod since she appears to have abandoned us, independent version here:
-Removed intro movies.
-Consolidated the types of painkillers, stimulants and noisemakers of the same strength into single variants to save inventory space and storage space.
-Added the fancy movie prop swords, ice axe, buzzball bat, etc to search lists. Added fire department weapons to the fire department location.
-Research now no longer requires facilities (other than the library) or resources, but you don't get the items after researching, you have to then craft them at that facility.

Story & Breakdown Only:
-Massive recipe changes focussing on the workshop for now. Upgrade a munitions or machine shop to a fabrication shop to see the majority of the new stuff (Story & Breakdown only).

What else is coming?

Fixing the Story workshop problem is my number one priority, then will be Lifeline facility changes to make them more military-like. For t1.04 I will also be adding my own setup for breakdown which will add many more levels.


Extract into /State of Decay/Game/.


Remove the /libs/ and /objects/ folders from "Game".

What Hoops Do I Have To Jump Through?

To make full use of this mod, you will have to restart campaigns, however if you wish to make partial use of it, including the recipes, I don't foresee any game breaking bugs by continuing from a saved game. The only exception to this appears to be the resetting of "The Dealer" challenge, if it is not yet complete, caused by editing the file. At least, I believe this is the cause. It will likely have a lot of incompatibilities simply because State of Decay only has one possible plugin per file without splicing things together, if you want to see a mod added to this mod(pack), please suggest it and if I think it would improve the experience of it, I will happily seek permission for its use.


Myself for authoring the recipes, as well as combing over game files to fix many inconsistencies.
QMJS, SwissArmyKnife, Phacops and others for fairly extensive help learning how State of Decay's functions work.
Undead Labs, LLC for creating the game for which we are all here, State of Decay.
The pleasant community of the State of Decay forums.
Black Tree Gaming for creating the Nexus Mods network, where this mod will likely be hosted.