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MasterClock adds a clock to the game,
gives you the ability to change/speed-up/slow-down time,
slow-motion and pause, like a boss

Permissions and credits
MasterClock 3.2
control time like a boss!
Version 3.2
updated: 2014-07-13
created by: Last Post
'© 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.’


How to set up your own custom key-mapping for MasterClock 3.2 (change default buttons):
Click this line to find out!

Follow the discussion about MasterClock 3.2 here:
Things like bugs, ideas, wishes are discussed in the following link:

What changed in version 3.2?

New feature:
1. Journal / Radio menu / Supply Locker/ all other Containers:
- pause or slow-motion now works for the above items.

2. added user-toggleable option in MasterClock Settings menu, to automatically
enable the following modes below, whenever Journal / Radio menu / Supply
locker / all other containers are activated.
- Pause
- Slow-Motion

-> User Interface:
1. Re-wrote majority of the MasterClock code responsible for handling
UserInterface (UI) interaction and also for Pause/Slow-motion modes:
- reduced usage of flowgraph nodes and migrated these affected functions to the Lua code for the MasterClock entity.

2. Journal / Radio menu / Supply Locker/ all other Containers:
- Fixed the behaviour of UI for the following actions/events, when in Pause mode:
( these actions/events can now be completed, instead of being stuck in pause mode ):

- Loading Resource item from Container to Rucksack,
- Break Open Resource item,
- Destroying items,
- AutoSave sequence activation.

Known Bugs:
-> User Interface:
1. Journal ( Home section)
- The countdown timer for when you build Facility/ do Facility Action, is effectively
paused or slow-motioned, whenever the following conditions are met:
- When the Journal is set to Pause or Slow-Motion, and only when the Journal is still opened.

the countdown-timer will work normally after you close the Journal.

* NOTE: MasterClock default Daytime is 60 minutes, Nightime is 15 minutes.

Brief Introduction:
MasterClock does the following 5 things:

1. adds a clock to the game interface,

2. gives you the ability to set the time of day by using its fast-forward feature,

3. lets you customise how fast or slow, day or night moves in real-time.

4. enables slow-motion movement,

5. enables pausing the game.

Like a boss!

MasterClock 3.2 currently DOES NOT AFFECT any of the following timers in the list below:
( However, I am still researching for solutions to affect the real-time clock, without relying on the use of zombiestandardtime.
My original intention is still making MasterClock able to affect the following timers: )

1. timers for all missions (eg: infestation, ally save, etc)

2. the wait/countdown timers for all Journal functions, such as when
- constructing facilities, starting facility actions.
- using the Journal radio tower to request to search for more:
-- survivors
-- Materials/Medicine/Food/Fuel/etc

The above timers that I've mentioned are heavily reliant on your current PC computer's real-time clock.
Meaning, if you change your computer's real-time clock forwards or backwards, these timers will be affected.
To my knowledge, the zombiestandardtime tool works exactly in this manner by reporting a different real-time clock value to the State of Decay software, which then tricks SoD into thinking its at a different time period.
Because both of these tools affects different clocks, MasterClock can co-exist with zombiestandardtime.

- State of Decay (basegame)
- State of Decay: Breakdown (dlc)
- State of Decay: Lifeline (dlc)
- Works with existing savegames.