Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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About this mod

A simple mod that aims to reduce stutters and increase FPS while looking almost the same.

Permissions and credits
May the Performance be with you (Stutter and Performance improvements).
I am not responsible for damaged save files! Make sure to always create a backup!

Configurator Method: Extract the downloaded content to any folder you like, double click the executable and choose the preset you want, modify things on the fly and install right after. Everything automatic.

Standalone Package: To install go into the installation dir of SWJSV and put one of the packs in this folder: Jedi Survivor\SwGame\Content\Paks then launch the game and enjoy a sweet boost!

Available Hotkeys
Ctrl + S: Saves a Custom Preset
Ctrl + E: Opens the Notepad to edit the Mod
Ctrl + O: Opens a Dialog where you can select your Game Path
Ctrl + B: Builds the Mod with the current Settings
Ctrl + I: Installs the Mod
Ctrl + U: Uninstalls the Mod
F2: Opens your save Files Location
F5: Launches the Game

What are the different versions doing?

- Potato PC: Enables potato textures and changes the TAA a bit to even more boost FPS
- Normal (Potato Textures): Potato PC version without the TAA changes
- Normal: Normal version of the mod without TAA and Texture changes
- Normal 80: Normal but with a higher resolution for the TAA (Normal uses 75%)
- Steam Deck: A preset made with the Steam Deck in mind, I do not own a Steam Deck myself but the performance improvement should be somewhat noticeable

What can I expect?
All of this depends on your system, older systems that are GPU bound for the most part will benefit the most from this!
CPU bottlenecks will still get some benefit from it, either by reducing stutters or a smaller FPS boost.

- Normal: A boost from 5-20 FPS depending on your system
- Normal 80: A boost ranging from 3-15 FPS
- Normal (Potato Textures): A boost from 10-25 FPS depending on your system
- Potato PC: This can improve the FPS the most, my 1070 and Ryzen 7 3700x Rig went from a 30 - 43  ish experience to 60+ most of the time
- Steam Deck: Better Performance on the Steam Deck or any normal PC, uses 50% TAA Resolution and 20% View Distance and Experimental Stutter Fixes.