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Enables the crossguard vent blades for the single stance

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This mod enables the crossguard vent blades for the single stance. You need UE4SS to make this to work

How it works

The vents will be automatically deploy in the single (and heavy) stance only
You can turn the blades on and off manually, as well as to deploy and retract them by pressing the Y key. (On vent deployed, they will reset to 90º)
You will still be able to rotate the vents from the workbench

Important notes

The vents will be visible for all stances from the start and shall not be hidden
If you don't have UE4SS, you have two options:

  • Download  UE4SS (You can follow this guide)
  • Place the UE4SS files in /SwGame/Binaries/Win64/
  • Open UE4SS-settings.ini and disable GuiConsoleEnabled = 0
  • Open /Win64/Mods/mods.txt and enable BPModLoaderMod : 1
  • Create LogicMods folder in Jedi Survivor/SwGame/Content/Paks/  folder

Known issues
  • Bedlam Raider Lieutenant's vent blades will be turned off (won't fix). I had to disable this feature globally from the original blueprint in order to make it work for the single stance.
  • If you change the vent piece in the workbench, it will not be updated until you exit from the components customization menu option (Fixed in v1.1)


Extract the .rar file content into Jedi Survivor/SwGame/Content/Paks/