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Replace the Storm Troopers enemies with the Clone Troopers to provide you a Clone Wars experience.

Permissions and credits

This model swap mod replaces the Storm Trooper with the Clone Troopers.

Models that have been replaced:

- Storm Trooper
- Heasvy Gunner Storm Trooper
- Official Storm Trooper
- Rocket Launcher Storm Trooper

The Scout Trooper Commanders and Purge Troopers remains the same as in the original game


In order to give support to other modders, I added the textures path in the description of my mod in order to allows that other modders were able to make their custom textures, so they don't need any of the original assets (including meshes) for creating their own mod, only packing the new textures in a separately file and it will work well with my original mod. So please, respect the credits and distribution permission.

For all modders interested in creating their own texture asset, please read the Installation Recommended Method.

Version 1.1:

In order to fix the saber cut, I have had to define new materials and textures because the original model material does not have that cauterize function.

Here is the textures path for the Clone Soldier and Clone Officer:

Clone Soldier => Replaces Storm Trooper, Heavy Gunner Storm Trooper and the Officer Storm Trooper

1. Upper part

2. Lower part

3. Helmet part (All except the Heavy Gunner Storm Trooper)

4. Heavy Gunne Helmet part (It uses the original Storm Trooper material and texture for some reason)


Clone Officer => Replaces Rocket Launcher Storm Trooper

1.Upper part

2.Lower part

3. Helmet part


Recommended Method
 [Use the ~mods directory rather than the pakchunkXX prefix]:

This is the method I recommend for those who want to create their custom texture assets. You have to create the "~mods" folder in the Pak directory Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks and places the modded pak files in the ~mods folder. PAK files inside this folder are sorted alphabetically (A-Z).

The lower down in the load order these files are, the more priority they have, so I recommend you to rename the Clone Trooper file name to _CloneTroopers_P in order to put it in the uppest position.

Old Method:

Simply place Pak In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks


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