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Makes the game harder... very much harder. Troopers shoot together and attempt to flank the player when they see fit.

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Installation In Description, scroll down!!!!

Makes enemies smarter! This was made as a challenge for those who want a newer and a slightly more challenging experience.

-This only effects troopers with blasters rifles, and not troopers with rockets and rotary canons.
-Stormtroopers no longer take turns shooting one by one. They now shoot in packs of 10 (the most the game will allow for me), and fire more blaster bolts in a succession.
-Stormtrooper Commanders, when giving the "all fire at will" command, all troopers will do their best to fire at Cal (if another trooper isnt blocking another's view of fire.)
-Stormtroopers in combat will sometimes strafe around the sides of Cal if they are close to him, but only if they think its a good time to so they can try to flank Cal.
-Stormtroopers, if Cal runs toward them, might try to backup and backpedal to avoid being struck by the saber.
-Stormtroopers, when lightly pushed, will stagger. When pushed with the full power of the force, they can recover from their falls and get back in the fight and wont instant-die.
-Stormtroopers, when lightly pulled, will stagger. They can still be pulled in fully and be stabbed like normal (although the stab might be off. Just a thing that exists but doesn't effect the scripted pull+stab technique).

-HeavyGunner Troopers move around alot more
-HeavyGunner Troopers shoot together (only two at once for balancing and fairness, sometimes they'll go out of sync but they shoot when they want to ofcourse)

-Scouts, when pulled, they try to use their baton to resist the pull. When pulled all the way they will hit you when they release their baton from the ground.
-Scouts, wuick pull staggers them less, and regain balance.
-For Scouts, at the right time, there is a slight opening to still stab them when they get strong-pulled. So it takes timing and skill to stab them. (once they fly toward you their feet will touch the ground. Press the attack button).

-Nightbrother bowman will not take turns. They'll now attack all at once (maximum to achieve was about 4-5 at a time, and fire more bolts). Game has its limitations lol
-Nightbrother melee will attack two at a time (limitations, couldn't get them all at once, but its best for balancing I guess).

-PurgeArchers shoot more often, team up alongside other PurgeArchers and will move around and will be more mobile. If alongside a trooper, they wont wait to shoot. No more taking turns.

-Lastly, this mod DOES work with Stormtrooper character replacers! If you really want the Order 66 feeling, try out one of the various clone trooper replace mods to get Order 66'd.

Bugs to note:
-Sometimes a trooper (usually ones in a-fixed positions such as cliffsides or non-moveable shooting positions), will do a tornado twirl upon death. This is just a side effect and cannot be fixed saddly. I've tried alot of things. Most notable ones are the "Side train Bracca Stormtroopers", Kashyyyk cliff-side shooting troopers, and one or two other dudes on Zeffo.

-Not really a bug, more like the game just not meant for being shot rapidly, but when Cal runs out of energy points when sprint blocking, if multiple troopers fire and youre still trying to run he might have a few muscle spasms as if he died like Ki Adi Mundi. Just release W and youre fine, but try to dodge those blasters lol

Different Methods-
-Place the "pakchunk99-SmarterStormies_99_P" in your paks folder of your Jedi Fallen Order game.

-Or, you can place the "pakchunk99-SmarterStormies_99_P" in a "~mods" folder (not including quotation marks, and does include the tilde symbol). The ~mods folder will be placed inside your paks folder, and then the mod itself can go inside the ~mods folder.

If you ever see me on youtube chillin in the comments, my name is SmittyWerbenjagermanjenson (with a white/yellow ford explorer police car profile picture), say hello :D