Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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simple mod:

disables a few postfx settings
no small enemy health bars
no screen effect when taking damage from enemy attacks
no glowing objects (wood still glows as i haven't found the file for that yet, if one even exists)

see screen shot of required files.

Permissions and credits

This is a simple mod based on the already available ini tweak mod(s) with a few of my *own tweaks.
aim is to "try" and reduce stuttering by disabling some non essential gfx setings and tweak a few others, seems to have worked for me, still stutters in places (will vary on each pc) Also, like my battlefront mods, to give the player a little more immersion by disabling annoying and distracting stuff.

ALL settings can be re-enabled by ; out the line or removing them.

PostFX: (ini settings)

- no AA
- no DOF
- motion blur
- Chromatic Abberation  off
- lens flares off (haven't really noticed any tbh)
- anisotropy set to max
- vignette off
- softer shadows
- *disabled fog (not the fog that adds sense of depth to areas) the fog tint that appears and disappears when going through doorways,
also makes far away terrain more visible so you do see some lower res background textures at times.

edit, the no fog tweak does remove the fog volume on kashyyyk intro (the bit in the water with the walkers) but that's the only point in the game that looks noticably different (i.e. you can see all the background terrain) no way to keep that effect on only for that level as it's a global effects afaik. will be an optional mod when i split the mods up for the next release.


- logo videos disabled

Modified Files: (used hxd to render a few files empty of data)

- *disabled the tiny health bars above enemy heads
- *disabled the flashing screen corners when under attack (most noticable when a giant creature takes a swipe at you)
- *disabled the glow effect on object you can interact with (push, pull, slow)

That's all for now.

see screen shot on the media page for the required files you need to obtain from the other modders on nexusmods.

required files:

take a look @
it has all the instructions.

for my mod, just extract my archive to the root of the game folder, then move the .pak from _Mods to the Paks folder and run the game.

latest free unreal engine editor download
quick bms + unreal script 
unofficial unpack.exe (rename the unofficial unpack.exe to _unpack.exe or you will overwrite it with the one from the unreal engine, you need that one to extract .pak files) the unofficial one is for repacking, if you try and repack with the official one it won't work, i did that at first.

once you have the files like in the screen shot, you can get started.