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This mod replaces every saber emitter in the game with a custom saber, 100% modeled and textured by me.

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This mod is the culmination of saber modeling and texturing that I have been doing over the course of several months. I started this mod before I started working on my starkiller outfits mod, planning for it to be one saber (starkiller's). I decided to keep adding more and more, and eventually decided there would be one for each emitter slot, excluding the mygeeto campaign emitter because it is invisible.

Every saber in this pack was modeled in blender and textured in substance painter 2020 or 2021.

To make this mod work, set your switch to Jaro Tapal, your sleeve to Jaro Tapal, and your second emitter to Mygeeto Campaign. Then, cycle through different emitters for emitter one to choose your saber hilt.

I'd like to give a big thank you to everyone over in the Jedi Fallen Order Modding Discord for giving me feedback, encouragement, and harassing me just enough to get all of these sabers done.

Like my work? I don't accept donations, but I'd definitely appreciate a subscription to my YouTube channel. If I get enough of a following, I might start posting some videos about my modding efforts, along with maybe some early downloads for mods if I need help testing.

Resources Used:
AlexPo's Mesh Converter Tool
AlexPo's Material Cloner