Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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Carolina Church and KillerCarth

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This is a mod that will change most of Cals Cut scene audio with my own voice (Instructions and info in description Pls read)

Permissions and credits
This Mod was Recorded by me awhile ago (recorded over KillerCarths Muted Cal Mod), The Files were found By KillerCarth in the JFO modding discrord, and after My Lines were all recorded he Processed them Into a .Pak file for me

As of RN This Mod Covers Most of the Cut scene Audio (some files weren't found yet when I made this due to how JFOs audio isn't sorted Like at All) All other audio Will be muted

-How to Install.
Place The .Pak File in C: Program Files 86:/Steam/Steamapps/Common/Jedi Fallen Order/SWGame/Content/Paks

If u have a version of the game not on steam or installed steam somewhere else google is your friend cause I don't know the filepath of other game distribution services or your own custom steam install lol 

-If you have questions about Audio modding.
JFO Mod Discord: (generally a great place to learn how to mod the game and get support and feedback)
Ping @Carolina in the discord and I can get you in contact with some peeps directly or you can talk with the other modders in that server for help

This mod was made in 32 hours with 4 hours of sleep while i was partially drunk, Sick and In a Lot of Pain and I know now I could do a much better job, Especially with the addition of Experience, Pacing of work and Help from People who Understand Audio Editing and how to Actually mod this game

I am not a professional Voice Actress but I did my best with the software and equipment I had and was a bit too hard on myself when Originally Publishing the mod But the Support and Reception I've received from all of you who've downloaded has been heart warming and amazing

A better and More complete version Will come in the coming months, Likely in the form of Individual Paks for Cutscenes, Grunts+Stim Audio, Force Echoes and Then General gameplay Dialogue

I look forward to