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This mod will allow you to slice up all of the imperial troops, Note this is in Alpha and a much better version will be coming soon

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this mod changes the meshes and ragdoll physics of every imperial trooper so that when they die their limbs will come off

i started making this mod when the most we could do was change visual stuff like meshes so this mod is pretty limited, but recently through a bunch of trial and error i figured out how to do add custom code to this game so i am going to remake this mod with dynamic dismemberment depending on there the lightsaber hits, but i wanted to release this version first,

so for right now this is how it works

each imperial will always dismember the same way when they die

they will also dismember no matter how they die

also because I am editing the Ragdoll physics the dismemberment will only happen when they Ragdoll but when they die they play lengthy death animations and usually don't Ragdoll until after they hit the ground, so it can be lack luster sometimes

but all of that will be fixed in my next version

this mod will work with the "Separatist Droid Army" mod, but wont work for really any other mod that replaces the stormtroopers

also if you know how to code and would like to make mods for this game then you should join the fallen order modding discord server

to Install you need to find your game folder and then the "paks" folder in it, for steam it would probably be something like this C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks

just drop it in the Paks folder, make sure you extract the zip file, if you don't know how watch a video on it