Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Replaces the imperial army with the separatist droid army (with a few exceptions)

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This is my biggest project yet! Combining several modding techniques, this mod replaces storm troopers, scout troopers, flame troopers, rocket troopers, brawler droids, imperial r2 units, and all four purge troopers with both battle droids from the clone wars era. Purge troopers become B2 Battle Droids, while all other units become B1 Battle Droids with several different skins.

Update v2: Magnaguard Model by Claymaver.

This mod would not have been possible without AlexPo, who made several programs/mods that were used:
Mesh Converter
Material Cloner
AIDEF Swapper (Available to modders in the JFO Modding Discord)

Bleedn also modified one of AlexPo's vertex remappers, which essentially allowed me to remap vertices from the Battlefront 2 models to work with Fallen Order. Check out Bleedn's mods here.

My Other Mods

Be careful using this mod before finishing the story, it can cause some issues due to the AIDEF swaps.