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This is a pack of the rarest kyber crystals in the Star Wars lore.

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Of all the amazing kyber crystals in the galaxy, there are some that are extremely rare, even legendary. Some of which are entirely unique. This pack lets you use most of those crystals. Note that only the color of the sabers along with some of the sound fonts have been changed, nothing is added to the performance of the sabers. This was made possible with Callyste's incredible Lightsaber Color Editor which you can find here:

Included are the following crystals (in order from left to right on workbench)

Silver: Found only on Tatooine, the Durindfire crystal was only known to a handful of Jedi. Interestingly enough, most saber wielders who possessed a Durindfire crystal did not use it as a color crystal, but rather as the secondary crystal. Despite this though, it still would change the color of the blade to silver. Some examples of Jedi who branded a silver blade are Keiran Halcyon, and Tera Sinube.
Black: Black kyber crystals are somewhat of a mystery. Though several of them have been seen throughout history, only two are known to have been used in a lightsaber. A Dark side user who later turned to the Light, Galen Marek, dubbed Starkiller, had in his possession a black kyber crystal and would occasionally install it into his lightsaber hilt. The second resides in the infamous Darksaber. The Darksaber is an ancient weapon created by Tarre Vizsla; the first Mandalorian ever inducted into the Jedi Order. Black kyber crystals are said to have the ability to "suck in" all light around it, resulting in dimming the immediate area and giving the lightsaber blade a white outer glow. The blades of lightsabers with a black kyber crystal seem to have a magnetic pull towards other saber blades.

Viridian: An extremely rare crystal that produces a silvery-green blade. Rarer even than orange, no notable Force user(s) are known to wield a viridian bladed lightsaber. Almost nothing is known about the viridian crystal, except for the color it produces, and the fact that it seems to have no affect on the blade itself or the user. It's speculated that a Dark Side user would most likely use a viridian crystal rather than a Light Side user.

Orange: It may seem like I'm cheating putting orange on this list, but the truth is that orange is a very rare crystal; one of the rarest in fact. A couple examples of orange wielding Force users are Yaddle, and occasionally Plo Koon.

Purple: Purple lightsabers are rare in the sense that like with every kyber crystal, they're imprinted on by the Force user. In the new canon, purple crystals come into existence if the Force user tends to walk both the Dark and Light paths. The result is the combination of both blue and red, however, this isn't always the case. Mace Windu is the most famous example of a purple wielding Force user. Darth Revan also used a purple bladed lightsaber.

: An extremely rare color crystal, bronze was only every used by one Force user; Chewbacca's nephew Lowcacca. Almost orange in color, but still considered to be bronze, Lowbacca's lightsaber was unique to only him. It was a very thick blade, almost as thick as Jaina Solo's forearm. 

Mantle of the Force
: A one-of-a-kind saber crystal. The Mantle of the Force was one of two crystals that were purchased from Suvam Tan by Darth Revan. The crystal gave the saber blade a silver core with a cyan glow. The properties of the Mantle of the Force changed depending on what other crystals were also in the lightsaber. It also enhanced Force abilities. 

Heart of the Guardian: The second of the two crystals purchased by Darth Revan, the Heart of the Guardian was another one-of-a-kind crystal. This crystal gave the blade a fire orange core with a bronze/blood orange glow. The Heart of the Guardian altered properties of other crystals in the lightsaber in a positive way, while also creating a fast and devastating blade that was perfect for combat. The Heart of the Guardian may also possibly be the first ever kyber crystal used in a lightsaber.  

Ghostfire: No rare kyber crystal list would be complete without this terrifying crystal. The Ghostfire crystal is among the rarest, if not the most rare, crystal in this entire pack. A transparent crystal found on mountain tops in the Outer Rim, Ghostfire crystals are incredibly difficult to find. Some adventurers who sought the crystal out sometimes took upwards of 10 years just to find a single one. The Ghostfire crystal produces a blade that is very dim and translucent, while also almost completely silent, making it an extremely dangerous weapon to wield. It also gives the blade afterimages that follows the wielder's motions which can disorient their opponent.