Star Wars Episode I: Racer
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N64 / Dreamcast console version engine noise for the P.C. version.

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Engine Audio Tweaks

Having originally played Racer on the Nintendo 64 and recently again on PC, one of the first things I noticed was that I didn't remember finding the engine noise of the player's podracer so annoying. This was due to an ascending "whoop-whoop" audio loop, which may be said to resemble that of an electric motor.  Very noticeable with the in-game music switched off. As it turns out, one of the differences between the console and PC versions is indeed that most of the audio tracks used for the player's podracer are not identical. After managing to "restore" the proper sequence of files used in the console version, I thought maybe others might like to use them (see "videos" tab for raw footage).


  • After completion of the manual download of the mod file archive, it must then be "extracted" with a program such as 7zip, Winrar, etcetera.

  • Navigate to the Star Wars Episode 1 Racer main game folder, wherever it may reside.

  • Open the "data" folder, and right-click on the existing "" file and re-name it as "", and leave it in the data folder as a back-up copy.

  • Place the "" file, that was included in the folder extracted from the archive, and drag it or copy/paste it, into the data folder.

  • Re-launch the game, in order for the replacement .map file to be loaded.


  • Delete current "" and restore the back-up, by re-naming the "" file to


I've had some audio drop-out on occasion, seems to happen on Tatooine. This was before I had ever touched the sound files, and a few times after I had. I haven't discovered yet what triggers it.

Characters featured in the game use the same audio loops, but some play them at an altered pitch/speed (compare Sebulba with Skywalker). When testing or making comparisons with other sound files or videos, use the same character and platform to avoid confusion.

This mod was tested using the Steam version of the game, with and without dgVoodoo installed.

Do not upload these files,Thank You - Hatemiser