Dornean (Braha'tok-class) Gunship by Sly442
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Added: 29/07/2016 - 12:24AM
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Last updated at 0:13, 29 Jul 2016 Uploaded at 0:24, 29 Jul 2016

This is (only) a MODEL of the now canon Dornean Gunship. It is the ship-class of the "Apalaina's Promise" featured in the novel "Battlefront: Twilight Company".

The model was made by bobbtmann ( which was originally made for Fate of the Galaxy ( which is a conversion of Freespace 2 so thank bobbtmann/them for the model.

I rigged this model with ALOT of bones so you can make this an OP weapons platform if you want but ideally I wanted this to be a canon replacement of the DP20. There is no death clone however, though since it should be an antifighter corvette it shouldn't be a big problem.

This can be used freely but of course giving credit is highly recommended (so as not to be a dick :P) Don't forget to check out Fate of the Galaxy which looks awesome.

Model: bobbtmann
Texture: bobbtmann
Rigging: Sly442