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Added: 25/03/2014 - 11:19AM
Updated: 31/03/2016 - 05:06AM

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HD Blobs
or Interface of War

An Empire at War interface overhaul that covers Forces of Corruption, Republic at War, Thrawn's Revenge, and more.


This mod was born when the thought occurred to me:

"I hate that ugly green ring around the ships, you can see the pixels and it's so ugly."

From there I went into the game's files, found the tools I needed to open them, and began constructing an entire range of custom HD "blobs" for the game. The blobs are all of those rings and circles and targets that you use so often throughout the game.

Like all of my mods, this one has gone through multiple design iterations and with Version 3 it was my wish to make the game's interface as minimal and unobtrusive as possible, while still looking modern and sleek.

WARNING: Backup your game files first!

This mod overwrites specific game files, including GameConstants.xml.

Backup the files this replaces first in case you want them back.

1. If you have Imperial Civil War, then just drop this mod into the mod folder.
2. If you want to use these files with FOC or vanilla, just delete the "" file and then drop these files into your "Data" directory. They will overwrite.

If you don't understand how to install it after what I just said, then I'm not going to help you because you can Google everything or learn it on your own like I did.



Total overhaul. All blobs are HD and "glow" to look like holograms.

Brand new sleek "Bombing run" and "Bombardment" blobs.

Overwrites 1.0 and 2.0 versions.


Dealt with Thrawn's Revenge.


Now defunct, it was ugly.

Removed sounds and intro videos from vanilla and FOC. Can be overwritten with new files.

New splash screens, including for Republic at War.


This mod comes with Republic at War, ICW, and FOC addons.

This readme is solely for the Version 3.0 update, designed exclusively for Thrawn's Revenge/Imperial Civil War. If you want all the original files that altered FOC and reduced some annoying sounds (ICW does this by default) then download Version 2 of the mod and overwrite with these files.

Otherwise just install this into ICW and enjoy!

Thanks to Thrawn's Revenge team for upcoming 2.0 update. Long live the Pentastar Alignment!

- Supreme